this story is about a girl named kaitie and how she is just a talented unknown singer. And Harry is a well know singer who is just trying to find his way. When these two meet there is just one thing that happens.... Love at first sight.


7. ummmm what?

we arrived in london in tghe private jet and then we went home taylor went out to buy some new clothes and me and harry sat on the couch and watched a horror move "NIGHTMARE On Elm Street."  harry's phone wewnt off "is it ok if the boys come over?" harry said sweetly "of corse they can  babe." i said kissing hime passionatly and then  he started to kiss my neck of corse i tried not to giggle but i couldent help it. i giggled "Whats so funny babe?" harry said "o im just very ticklish" i said smiling one hi lips "o you are huh?"he flipped me over and started to tickle me i was laughing so hard "no no please stop please!" at this point we were both on the floor  laughing so hard. we went back to watching pur movie and then i herd a crwking noise i was scared "harry can you go check the door for me?" i said loook scared "ok babe be right back" harry got up and checked and then i herd hwavvy breathing i just sat there and ignored it though. then i felt something on my shoulder. All of a sudden somone grabbed my eyes and i screamed out my lungs . "HELP!!!!!!!!!" I SCREAMED!



I herd laughing and then i saw louis on the floor laughing so hard and lookingf so  red

"your so fucking mean!" i said

"Shit i cant belive you got that scared that you had harry cchecck!" louis said still laughing

"o shut up. Its not my fault you scared me while watching a horoor movie>" i said then slapping his but as he stood up.

"HAY! DONT YOU TOUCH TTHE SASS MASTER'S FROM DONCASTERS CARROT!" louis said smilinng and then playfully hitting me.

"o really i beg to differ im the girl with sas from las vegas

"you fail at that"

then i saw liam and i gave him a huge hug

and then he grabbed my arms and louis grabbed my feet zayn grabbed my back and nialll held the doors

"put me down and wheres harry"

"soorry we cant do that" liam said

"yah and we are taking you to him."

"o ok welll hurry im  board"

they put me on my bed in my room and they all said at one time wich was kinda freaky

"harry will be in in a minuete

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