this story is about a girl named kaitie and how she is just a talented unknown singer. And Harry is a well know singer who is just trying to find his way. When these two meet there is just one thing that happens.... Love at first sight.


12. ultra sound

it was beautifull and it was everything i could ever dream he gave me a nelace in the shape of a heart and it had thee spaces one of me and one of harry and then the third one was empty.

"why is the third one emty" i asked still staring at it

"its to add to our family babe this is where our kid is going to be and we will love him or her forever just like we love eahother." i was crying and well it was amazing i love harry and he loves me

*3 months later*

harry and i are still going strong and now we are on our way to the hospital for our first ultra sound to tell you the truth harry is more excited then i am. actually im quite nervouse that stuff on your tummy feels weird.


zaynn and perry broke up turns out perry was only using him for fame and was cheating on him with some low life . Im still happy for zayn he is now with one of my close freinds mariah and as well with nial him and taylor didnt qouite get along  tay wanted to focus on her musi and niall had to go bak home to ireland so there was no hope . Niall is with Renee now and they make such a cute couple <3   i am gaining alot of weight and it fells like i ate all five of the boys lol well were at the hospitl great im very scared of hospitals ever scine i went into midle shool.

"babe were here" harry said then helping me up

"thank you harry"

"for what" he said then grabing my hand

"for all of this your not like my ex"

"why babe what happend"

"i will tell you when we leave ok"

"ok" we got inside and i sat down  i cant belive its been three months since what happend

"kaitie and harry styles"

i whisperd to harry

"they think were maried?"


"i hope we are one day" i said

i hope he doesent freak os of what i said



*in the offie *

"well miss it looks like you are doing good but let me recheck just to be safe"

the nurse took us int the rom and put the stuff on my tummy again

"o wow "

"what is something wrong"

"o no but it looks llike there is two heads"

just then liam txted harry  the date is 9/25/2012 7:41 pm las vegas time

*hay bro me and dani just broke up im so torn bu ti think it was for the best*

*ill come over later *

"that was liam him and dani just broke up"

"WJAT???????!!!!!!"  i screamed

"babe calm down i will have liam explain later and did sher say two heads"

"yah there are two heads either you are having twins or ur kids an ailien." the nurse said smiling then leaving us to it

"wow twins" i said

"yah this great"

"harry im not ready"

"babe its alright" he said  holding me we checked out  and got our first picture of our kids wow id never think of sayin that at 14.

""so babe what happend in ,middle school agian?"  well here it goes

"when i was in middle school i had a boyfreind his name was hayden. we loved eahother and well we proved it i wasnt sure about doing it but i was stupid and did. i didnt know how to put well you know on and well i woke up and took a test and i was pregnate and when i told hayden he left me for my best freind and then dated my arh enemy Katie Rankin and whats funny is we have the same initials that ass left me while i was pregnate with his kid and i didnt want to have a kid while i was stil a kid sooo........" at this point me and harry  were crying

"soo i did every mums  worst night mare i got an i got an " i took a deep breath

"i got an abortion" i was crying into harrys shoulder and he just held me there

"Wow babe you went through so much and i promiss you i will never leave you"


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