this story is about a girl named kaitie and how she is just a talented unknown singer. And Harry is a well know singer who is just trying to find his way. When these two meet there is just one thing that happens.... Love at first sight.


18. this is it

AFTER THE PARTY WE SAID GOODBYE TO EVERYONE  AND THEN WE LEFT I GOT A FEW CELEB NUMBERS!I got Justin Biebers number Selena Gomezes number and a few more today has been so tyering i went to lay down and i did. Harry got into bed and we gave our new babies a kiss on the orehead and then went to sleep i herd harry singing moments and then i ell into a dark sleep and it was great.


I started to sing too talia and louis and my lovely babe kaitie soon to be wife i am going to propose to her in month or sooner i love her i mean we already have two amazing kids. i went to sleep and at 6:25 am i woke up and called all the boys up to  come over and help me pick out a ring 4 my princess kaitie i love her so much i will say it so much

"dude i think im going to propose to elenore i mean we have been together longer then ever." louis said

"yah mate do it but when?" i said

"i know this might sound crazy but i think im in love with mariah she is amazing and i love her im going to propose to her"

"go 4 it zayn!" niall yelled

"yah same here and well im going to propose to  taylor"

"niall you are?!"

"yah !"

"amazing" i said

"no amaZAYN" zayn corrected me  man he is so sle centerd 

"yah guys there has been a secreate i have been keepng rom you guys.

"what?" we all said in unison

"me and danielle are are...."

"are what?!"

"having a baby! ok we are having a baby!"



"when did this happen?"

"well we never broke up"

"o mate ...."

"she was scared and ust said she didnt want the ans to pressure her and well im going to propose to her to

"how about we write a proposal song to the girls" niall said

"yah totally mate lets get to work"





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