this story is about a girl named kaitie and how she is just a talented unknown singer. And Harry is a well know singer who is just trying to find his way. When these two meet there is just one thing that happens.... Love at first sight.


4. the night

"what do you mean?"

"theres no gas in the boat" "What?! why not  didnt you remember to fill it yup?!"

"no all i could think of is you"

"aw your so sweet "

he grabed my waste and pulled me  up to him and kissed me passionatly for like 2 minutes

"i know im sweet plus theres a house that has elitric supliance air conditioning everything."

"well does it have cell phone power"

"no but it has a land line"

"ok  good cause i am going to call my mum and tell her what happend."


Harrys P.O.V

"No mum i am fine the boat just doesnt have gas we are still on land dont worry we have al we need food water shower  everything i will be fine harry will be fine,\...."

i grabbed her waiste knowing that im here for here

"mum i have to go i love you bye."

she looked a little upset and before i could say anything she yelled


"umm you ok there?" i said

i saw tears go down her face

"hay hey its ok im here whats wrong."

"Its nothing but my  mum is getting a boat and taking us home tommarrow."

"thats good right?"

"no cause  she doesnt want us to see eachother any more"

she stated bursting in to tears and ran into the bathroom

"What why doesnt she want to see eachother any more?!"

" She doesnt want me to because she thinks your this bad super star who is taking me for granted and she thinks im doing all these things when im not!"

"What babe i would never hurt you. i would never make you do anything bad or anything you didnt want to do."

"Well she doesnt belive it"

"Well lets just enjoy the  time we have togeather"


Kaities P,O,V

We decided to watch a movie  for our last night togeather we dicided to watch "the titanic"

"did you know i have never seen this movie before"

" What ?! Wel your gonna need me to hold when its sad." harry said with a cute little smile


he put his arm around me and before i knew it i was out. harrys arm was around me when i woke up in thew morning and he was still sleeping so i slpped from his arm and went and made breakfest. i made pankackes smothies and a little parfe

"Good morning:" harry said with a sleepy voice

"morning you hungry"

"you bet did you make all this?

"Why yes i did" i said to harrry

"well i think its great"

"you havent even tried it yet"

" i want to"

"ok here yah go"

then  there wqas a ring at the door

"Its probably my mum"

"ll get it you sit and eat ok love"


i was eating and i found this to taste really good

"Where is she wheres my daughter?"

"shes in the kitchen"

"kaitie why didnt you call me?" my mum was very eger to know

"i-i i got up and i waas hungry so i cooked food so now we can eat"

"o well you could of called me i was afaid he would hurt you"

" mom hes not going to hurt me cant you see that!"

"come on were leaving right now"

"What about harry?!" i said starting t i cry harry walked in

" i will be fine i will call zayn to come get me  i will be ok"

"ok "


"yes harry"

" I love you:"

" I love you to"

"i wil call you when i get home ok?"


"yah well thats it then your never aloud to see or talk toher ever agin"

" ok mrs. captain i understand "

Harry was gone i cant belive  my mum did this. this never happemns in the books ive read. so why?

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