this story is about a girl named kaitie and how she is just a talented unknown singer. And Harry is a well know singer who is just trying to find his way. When these two meet there is just one thing that happens.... Love at first sight.


2. the big date

Kaities P.O.V

i was in my room looking for something to wear on my date.  i decided to wear a purple pencil dress with ruffles on the bottom of it, i curled my hair and but some lipgloss on and some pirple eyeshadow then i couldent find my silver higheels so i put a pair of purple convers onand then i herd a knock on my door it was Harry! i walked down the stairs and to my suprise hrry was wearing a tux with white converse and then when i reached the last step i fell. Harry rushed over to me and picked me up and smiled "are you ok?" he said trying not to laugh "yah im perfect" i said with a gigle  "shall we be going then?" harry said with a cute smile on his face. "Yes we shall" when we walked out side  i saw a limo "for my special lady" harry said " o wow you really didnt have to do this harry " i said i little shy like "no i insist" harry said sweetly then opening the door for me "Thank you" i said. then  i asked him where were we going  and he said sweetly "its a suprise" then kissed my cheek "come on tell me please?" i said giving him puppy eyes "nope"  he said putting his arms around me "here we are" the limo driver said. Then Harry put a pair of blind folds on me and we walked then he took the blinds off of me "suprise" he said "o my this is beautiful" i said. it was a canope with beautiful lights and it was along the beach and there was a dance floor and harry aske me if i had a freind i caould invite on short notice and of corse i invited my close freind taylor i called her and she was there in less then two minutes. Harry was with me Niall ws with taylor liam was with daniell louis was with elenor and zayn was with perri.  we all were danceing having a good time and then harry asked me t o dance with him it was my first ever slow dance how could i say no.  "This is the best date i have ever had in my entire life " harry said with his cute smile and his little dimple. "really" i said. "can we go for a walk?" harry asked. i looked at the others and they all looked so  in love even taylor. "yea im sure they wont miss us" so then we walked along the beach " you are so difrent from the other girls  you like me for me not fr my fame" he said looking into my eyes deeply "yah i do i think you are a great person and you are really nice." i said. the moon light was on us  perfectly and our feet were in the water and then we kissed. its funny how when all you hear about how the world holds up by gravity it doesent feel like that any more he holds the world together he is the air you breathe he is everything when he kisses  you you feel safe. when he holds you it feels like nothing can hurt you thats how i feel about him he is my oxegen he is the my gravity he is my gardiean angel he is the reason i live.

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