this story is about a girl named kaitie and how she is just a talented unknown singer. And Harry is a well know singer who is just trying to find his way. When these two meet there is just one thing that happens.... Love at first sight.


3. summer of love

I woke up pretty earlie. I dont know what it is but i just couldnt stop thinking about Harry. Was it the kiss or was it the way he holds me in his arms. What ever it was it wasnt gravity holding the earth it wasnt air that made me breathe it wasnt what i was living for it was him. He is the air i breathe He is the gravity holding my world up he is who i am living for its harry. i herd my phone buzz it was harry! "hello." i said in my morning voice  "goodmorning im glad your up i was afraid id have to wait." harry said "wait for what?"

"to hear your beuatiful voice and suprise you."  harry said

"suprise what suprise?"

"well it wouldnt be a suprise if i told you now would it just meet me at vinice beach in 20 minuetes ok?"

"Ok ill be there but you know how i feel about suprises like my brother he was a big suprise."

"hahaha this is a great suprise just meet me there in 20 minuetes"

"ok bye."


i rode to vinice on my roller blades and i was wearing a cute sun dress with my bathing suit under neath.

"Hay beautiful" Harry said with a grin on his face.

"Hey whats up?" i said

"Oh just sitting here admiring the beatiful ocean." he said with a look on his face.

"o cool so whats the suprise? i said

"wow whats your hurry?"

"I just want to get it over with"

"ok follow me."


i grabbed his hand and then we ran in the sand and then we reached the water and there was a boat!

"whats with the boat?!"

"Thats the supire!"

"You got me a boat?"

"haha cute no we have to ride the boat to the suprise."

"O cool lets go"

he picked me up and we were riding i saw a dolphin a sea lion it was so beautiful

"wow this is so beautiful"

"yah and this isnt even it"



then we stopped at this beautiful island there was a little beach with some palsm trees.

"tada this is my private island"

"This is yours all yours?!"

"yup all mine" harry said with a smile

"this is so beautiful"

"there is way  more tha just this" "You have got to be kidding"


we walked for a while and then i started to hear water the floor

"is it raining?"

"haha no it not"

"then what is that noise"

"its a suprise"

"enough with the suprises please just tell me?" i gave him puppy eyes  

"fine its a waterfall"

"a water fall?!"

"yah good thing you brought  your bathing suit"

then he  pushed me in the water

"what was that for?!" i looked at him

"look out below" '

harry jumped in the water

"see i told told ya some suprises were good"

"yes you did" i said then holding on to him then kissing him for a long time

later on we walked back to the beach and had a cute little picknet. Harry preparde some dilisous tacos and a nice cake. He also had candels and rose pedals one the blanket it was all romantic.

"its late we should get going"

"Yah we should but we cant" "We cant what do you mean?"



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