this story is about a girl named kaitie and how she is just a talented unknown singer. And Harry is a well know singer who is just trying to find his way. When these two meet there is just one thing that happens.... Love at first sight.


10. congratulations ! your pregnate

there was a nock at the door harry picked me up and walked me to the door there stood el dani and tay

harry set me down i looked with disapiontment on my face

"Whats wrong you look pale are you going to through up" harry looked at me with  a worried look

"no but wheres perri" i said looking around

"dont worry perri is in the car we are taking her to the hospital as well she is feeling just like you"

"o yay! i just want all my girl freinds to be here with me" i said smiling

"hahhahah i thought you were into harry not girls!" louis bursted out laughing then i pretended to sneeze on him

"ewwwwww sick germs gr-oss girl" i slapped is bum

"ha i slaped the sass master frim don casters ass again 2 0 whos gonna win ? " i said then walking out the door then feeling a bit sick

"ok you and perri are sitting in the back and us three will be in the front" slenore said i am so jelous of her she is so pretty


i was texting perri with me phone

~perri can i ask you something~

~yah anything~

~well i think i made a mistake~


~me and harry kind of maybe had sex~

~omg really thats great!~

~no because we werent protected~

~o o i hope thats not why your sick~

~yah me tooo~

~but i wont be mad if you are~


~because me and zayn had sex to unortected sex~

~omg it be cool if our kids had the same birthday should we tell the girls?~

~yah i think so~

we got to the hospital butbefore we got out me and peri both new what to sya

"hay guys?" perri said

"yah they all said

"umm well me and perri have to tell you something"

"yah" we looked at eachother and both said at once

"i think im oregnate"

there mouths dropped and there was even a tear in taylors eye

"WHT?! OMG CONGRATS" tyalor said picking me up off theground

"But elenore looked at perri weird

"cmon lets go inside" ell said with a disapointed look

"hay el can i hold your hand im scred i dont want to be fourteen and pregnate"

"aww sweetie its ok and yah sure"

we walked in and the nurse weighed me and i weight 6 more pounds then last week

i was sitting in the doctors room and i was with ell and perri was with dani and taylor was in the car she cant stand being in hospitals anymore

"alright so kaitie what seems to be the problem" i was scared to tell him scared that he would call my mum and dadand tell him everything its summer and i dont want it to end

"well i think im think im pregnate"

"o well its okay this happens alot dont worry about a thing" the  doctor said

"o ok "

ell looked up at the doctor

"so doc umm how do you do this" ell said o doc i love how she said tyhat

"well you can pee ona cup or do an ultra sound"

"i will do the ultra soundscince i dont have to pee"

"ok just  come with me in here"

i got up and texted every body what was going on\

"just lay down on this bed and look at this screen and the nurse will be in in just a moment"

"moments in time ill find the words to say before you leave me today"

i sang'


"o nothing its a song"


the nurse walked in

"hi sweetie ok so basicly what we do is  we put this cold gell like stuff on your bely and i rub it with this and then basicly if you are pregnat eit will show a body"

"ok" i said shyly

ells hand was out for support i grabbed it and i squezed it when she put the gel on

the screen came up it was black i was relifed then something poped up a litle circle o my GOD i am pregnate im only fourteen i cant take care of a kid

"well congrats your gonna be a mother" the nurse said smiling

she walked out i was crying into ells shoulder then perri dani and tay walked in

"what happend" perri said

i sniffled and just looked away '

"shes going to be a mum"

"she is o my God!"

we walked out and i was just back seat sitting with perri and ell i was laying on there laps

"so" i whispered "perri what about you are you pregnate?"

"Yes im just not that excited zayn is not ready to be a dad and im not ready to be a mum "

"i can relaye "

"i am sorry i didnt mean like that "

"perri its fine im just not knowing how to tell harry"
"he will be si haooy trust me "

we arived at the house i wiped my eyes i was still in my pjs and wrpped in harrys jacket

we went inside..l

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