this story is about a girl named kaitie and how she is just a talented unknown singer. And Harry is a well know singer who is just trying to find his way. When these two meet there is just one thing that happens.... Love at first sight.


19. car accedint and memory loss

I was cooking tacos for harry when he gets home from the studio. I herd a cry and I ran up stairs  to get the baby he was coughing I put the steamer on and took Talia out of the room then called Liam and Niall they were so good with kids it was Zayn  Louis and Harrys turn in the recording room that's why he isn't home and they are. Niall ran in to the house and picked up Talia and twirled her around Liam went up stairs and picked up little Louis and rocked him back and forth.

"Wow you really love him" I said walking up to the door way.

"Yah he is amazing so quite and gentle"  he said

"what about Talia?" I said

"she is beautiful to. I love your kids and kaitie I love you" he said then he kissed me.

"Liam... your an amazing guy but im with Harry you hae to understand that. I love harry. you are great iin so many ways and I would date you but I love harry."

"ok im sorry I ever did anything I will leave now"

"no don't"i grabbed his shirt and pulled him in for a kiss on thhe cheak and told him to stay and that kiss will be between us.



"is everything ok in here ?" niall said as we turnedaroundto see him in tears

"yes whats wrong"

"I got a call from harry and I herd him scream your name and then the line went dead"

"o my god"



I was driving home with a big surprise for my girlfriend and our kids and then I couldn't help but smile I was to distracted by the thought of marrying kaitie that I drove through a red light  and thena car ht me I called niall and then another car hit me I screamed kaities name then passed out soon I was carried by an ambulance and off. I kept blacking out time after time and soon it was black I tried to stay awake but I couldn't


10 min later I got a call saying Harry was in critical condition and I need to see him right away I did as told and was there in a few short minuetes I kissed him hoping for him to wake up but he didn't I was heart broken.

"he is fine we just gave him a senitive "

"o ok how long till he wakes up?"

"give him the rest of the night"


"you can come back tomarrow when he is up"


the lady souned really mean I walked out of the room and everyone stood up like perfect timming.

"we can go home harry just had a senditive "

"ok :( " zayn gave his sad face

"you guys can you all stay with me tonight"

"yah sure" they all said

we went back to my place and I was in a Christmassy mood so we grabbed a lot of Christmas movies like Elf How the Grinch stole Christmas and nightmare befor Christmas. we also got all three toy stories and finding nemo!


even though that was all fun with the boys watching the movvies I  was still concerned and all the boys fell asleep except niall. I am sprised. I was dozing off then the phone rang we all imadently jumped I ran to the phone feeling something wrong I hesitated to answer the phone  but eventually I did.

"Hello?" I said with  grogy  voice

"hi yes is this Mrs. Styles?"  the lady said I guess harry put my last name under his.

"Yes this her and who may this be?"

"This is tresa and I work at  Sunrise Hospital I am afraid your husband has past" I had tears forming in my eyes when she said I am afraid now I was crying really hard and they lady herd me.

"You can bring your kids by and the boys if you want to say good bye"

"can I bring the girls to"

"yes mam "

"thank you"

"your welcome sweetie im so so sorry"

all the boys were around me  and saw me crying into my hands then zayn pulled me into a hug and I cried into his white shirt.

"He's dead" I said sniffiling

"I saw tears growing in all their eyes we all hugged and cried we got the kids and they new something was wrong I could hear them crying.

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