this story is about a girl named kaitie and how she is just a talented unknown singer. And Harry is a well know singer who is just trying to find his way. When these two meet there is just one thing that happens.... Love at first sight.


15. Bowling and timing

i was so exccited to beat my boyfreinds butt! he is gonna be sorry he picked this.

"what size babe"

"o umm 6"


I had just rememberd the last time i was here. It was with my ex boyfreind  hayden . wow he was dick im so glad im not with hi any more he ruined my life.

"here babe"


i puty on my shoes and grabbed  a ball i grabbed a 5 pound scince it felt like i was arrying on 20 more pounds with my two kids.

"your turn" harrys said

i grabbed the ball and walked up to the lane  i herd a very familar voice i froze in fear of what he was goin to do.

"um excuse me can we use this lane right next to...." i turned aroiund

"what do you want hayden"

"well     hello to you to" he said. he was with brandon my other ex and pierre my other ex. (yah i dated 4 guys n middle school nothing compared to my bff ashley.

"o never mind i just wanted toknow if this lane was open"

"o thats fine how are you guys?"

"o we're goood what about you it looks like you gain some waeight"

":shut the fuck up brandon"

"so whos the dad?"

"my boyfreind "

"let me guess you begged 'harrystyles to rape you that way you wil be made to marry him i feel bad for him"

"can  you guys just go  away"

harry walked up behind me

"woah woah woah who are these guys babe?"

",y exes and they were just leaving right"

i looked at brandon with my evil eye saying i will kil you if u dont go

"yah guys kets just go"

brandon was the nicest i still liked him but as a freind i mouthed thank you and he mouhed back no problem.

we were in the middle of the game when i felt something diffrent.............................................

HOLY SHIT MY WATER BROKE O MY FUCKING GOD!!!!!!!!!! I sat down in compleete shock harry came rushing ovr to me

"babe are you ok?"

"not really i think my water broke"

all of a sudden i saw hayden pierre aand brandon runn over towards me

"pierre call 911 brandon stay with her hayden come with me and wait outside"

"ok "

pierre alled 911  and sat down next to me and brandon i was screaming and i was holding brandon and pierres hand i was freiken freakng out!!!! im hving a fucking baby not as fun as it sounds so yah.

"just stay calm the ambulence is one the4e way it will be alright"

"ok im thirsty can you go get me some water brandon?"

"sure pierre make sure she satys awake"


the perimedics came up with  gurny and tok me away harryran u tp me and rode with me to the hospital . He told brandon and pierre and hayden to meet us there then he called up the boys and they all ran up to me dani and ell and perri were all there to my mom ccame but not my dad. Taylor came Angel came Renee came Mariah came  ad all the boys parnts my cousins came . i thi k everyone was there  i asked 4 all the girls to help me and i asked for arry to come to they all came in well all but my cousins the rest waited outside,

"mam stay with us please stay with us"

i herd cryin i was so happy then it went black.

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