this story is about a girl named kaitie and how she is just a talented unknown singer. And Harry is a well know singer who is just trying to find his way. When these two meet there is just one thing that happens.... Love at first sight.


6. back to london

i woke up and walked down satirs the next morning. I tried to be qouite but my mum and dad always pull some big birthday special. I creped down the stairs and of corse i got busted my dad lifted me off the stairs and i think i squeald. "Dad!"

"Hi princess"

"What time did you get here?"

"i just did happy birth day princesss"

"Thanks hay dad tay has plans with me i will be out till 1 k?"

"Ok love yah"

"love you to"

i called taylor up and said everythingg wwas cool and we met up and i called harry\


"Hi Harry"

"whats up"

"arent we doing something"

"o yes we are first i have to go to the studieo meet me there"

"ok see yah soon"


wow did he forget my birthday?

"Did hatrry just forget my birthday?"

"I think so"

"o great goiod boyfreind"

"lets just go" taylor said rolling her eyes

we arived at la studios it took us a while to go there because we saw katy perry avril lavigne Justin bieber and a lot more

"wow we actually met Avril lavigne!" i said with a shocked look on my face because avril lavigne is like my favorite female singer

"I know right" tayllor said screaming

i knocked on the door and Harry wasnt in there

"Hay look at all this tech go in and sing" taylor said

"no why"

"pleeeeaaaaaaaase" taylor said giving me a sweet look


i started to sing complecated "Why you gotta go and make things so complicated "

"Mr.L.A please just wait here and ill find he...."

I COULDNT BELIVE IT! L.A Reed was right in front of me and i was sining

"is this her?"

"Yes it is "

he asked taylor to go in there with me

"you have an amazing voice can you sing something else?" L.A said

"Sure but can i have taylor sing with me if im gonna do my dream im gonna share my dream"

"Ok lets here what you got?"

"heres my numbert so call me maybe you took your time wqith the call i took no tim e with the fall you gave me nothing at all"

we sang fully through then L.A got a huge smile on his face

"You girls have talent and your voices together wow are you a band?"

"Yeah we are we call ourself the big picture" Taylor said

"well you guys have talent do you want a record sighn we will just need a few demos and then a photo shoot you guys in:?"

"are we in yes we are ready" i said smiling

"Thats the kind of energy i need to see i will see you girls tomarrow ok?"

"Atually we ant we are all going back to london tonight" Harry said

"well why dont i join you we can talke my private jet there and yur garduen will come to is that goo?"

"yes !!" ok see you later"

L.A left and i was just there with my mouth wide open

"Happy birthday sweetie.:" haarry said with a smile  on hids face

"did you plan this?"

"yes i did and you thought i forgot your birthday"

"how do you know that?" i said smiling llike and isiot again

"you were still on the phone with me"

" o hahah love ya"

"Yah ok"

we all left and went to dinner of corse we had nandos

Daniell and Liam were there so  was Zayn Perri Loui Elenore and Niall and Taylor

"So whats this i hear about a record deal;" Louis said with his arm around elenore

"o yah thanks to harry he got us a record deal with L.A Reed!"

"Welll congrats guys" Perri said

Thanks alot i said

qwe all left and me and taylor told my dad the news

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