The truth

13 year old maisy always knew she was different. From the way fish circle around her in water to the way the tide always slows as if wanting to hold on to her. Now she will finally find out the truth...


1. 1

I always knew I was different.

It was a regular day, I pulled my indigoo t-shirt over my messy dirty-blond hairand threw on a pair of jeans. I drew open my curtains to find... SUN! We hadn't had sun in what seems like weeks just rain, rain, rain but I guess that's what you get for living on the coast of scotland. Ok I take it back about it being a regular day, this is amazing! Even if it is only 20 degrees it's alot better than the 5 we have been having. I ran downstairs dragging a comb threw my hair as I went to break the news to my family. When I got  there I found my mother packing a picnic. Then she said a sentence that even though I didn't know it yet, would change my life forever. "We're going to the beach."



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