My (real) Mommy and Me <3

Kendra sets out find her real mom and finds that she isnt what she expected her to be like


8. What Brother?

Mom told me where my room was. It was mega big! It was painted hot pink(my fave color)it had a big bed with a black and white polka dotted bed spead, my closet was filled with the lastest (teeneage) clothing and shoes. How did she know my size?....oh right...Dad.A flatscreen TV stood perfectly on my dresser and may 'makeup' table was was next to the full body mirror. "You like it?" I jumped alittle at the thorght that someone was watching me explore my new room with and idiotic smile slapped across my face. I tunred to see the it was just mom. "Uh... yeah! it's A-MA-ZAYN!!!" I screamed in delight. "A-ma-zayn?" she has lots to learn from me... "It's a One Direction term.." I smiled and she laughed. I was kinda happy to know that she knew how they were. "Well, if yor done looking around, there is someone i would like you to meet." Does she have a boyfriend? *GASP* what if she got married!? Thoughts filled my head as we walked to the end of the hall and into--what seems a teenage boy's room. She has a son? The room was painted navy blue, had a bed about the same size as mine,a flat screen TV mounted on the opposite wall from the bed, a desk and a lamp next to a door to- what I'm guessing leads to the bathroom. I sto quiet as mom called for someone. "ANDY!!!" Andy...ehhh i guess i can live with that..."Andy? Where are you I'm not playing games! Andy!" ....troublemaker... "WHAT!!!!!!!" A cute guy with diry blonde hair up in a mohawk came out of the bathroom with steam following him... wearing only a towel... it took him several seconds to realize I was in the room and stood there with a smile on his face. I looked away trying not to smile... these are ging to be he best couple of months!!

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