My (real) Mommy and Me <3

Kendra sets out find her real mom and finds that she isnt what she expected her to be like


4. Talking It Through

  Why couldn't he just tell me? What is so bad about me knowing about my mom? It's not like she's a criminal or something...

  I heard a knock on the the door, it was my dad. "Honey, I'm very sorry. I shoudn't have kept all of this from you." he said apologetic. "Yeah! No kidding! I just don't understand why you kept it all from me. And that's what I'm going to find out. Right now." I said once again i felt tear weling up in my eyes, but held them back. "Well, right before you were born, your mother and I broke up because of how i couldn't keep up with all of her hormones. So, when she gave birth to you, she gave you to me because she was too caught with trying to have a perfect reputation and she didn't want to deal with a child while in college." he was going to begin another sentence but I cut him off "So she gave up on me?" this tears were coming down my cheeks. "Basically, this is why I didn't want to tell you because then you would have to go through this." I got up and went down to the basement, my dad followed. I opened the door behind the staircase and picked up the paper with all of the information on it. "Dad how did you get this information?" "Your mom wanted to keep in touch with you, but she was afraid that you would be mad at her because of what she did. So she gives the information just in case I tell you and you would want to visit her.." He replied. I knew he didn't want me to, because i would get hurt and wouldn't want go back. But I had to go. I need answers, from her. "Dad, please, I need to know why. Please." I cried more. "Honey, I don't want you to get hurt." "Dad, if anything happends I have my cell, e-mail, please." I quickly dried my last tear hoping that he'll let go. "OKay, But your going to tell her, on the phone, now." I'm going to talk to my mom. I'm going to hear her voice. I'm going to Miami, Florida.

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