My (real) Mommy and Me <3

Kendra sets out find her real mom and finds that she isnt what she expected her to be like


10. SixPack

"Dude she's hot..."

"I know bro...but she's my sister..."

"she's not mine..."

"Nahh bro, she's off limits!"

"Why? She can't date she can date me!"

what? who was talking? And why are they in my room? Andy...

I open my eyes just a little bit, its a little blurry but i see Andy and this really hot guy with a six pack...and they're flexing in my mirror...typical.

"You guys having  fun there?"

Andy and SixPack turn around and smile.

"Wassuuppp sissy!" sceams Andy while he jumps on my bed.

"Dude, your gonna hurt her get off!" and all of the sudden SixPack and Andy are wrestling on my floor as i sit on my bed criss cross applesauce laughing my head off.

Finally, Andy gives up and crawls out of my room. "Well that was interesting...I'm Kendra, and I'm also guessing your one of Andy's 'bro's'" SixPack stands up and puts my fallen pillow back on the bed. "Uhh..yeahh i guess hahaha...Kendra...thats a really pretty name" he smiled...that smile was just soo..unfff. "I'm Jackson, curently a member of Sunken City, your brother's band..." "Band? Since when is Andy cool enough to be in a band?" i smile "Since he met me!" He smirks at me while heading towards my door. He pauses and turns towards me "and just so you know we'll be seeing each other a lot in these upcoming months...I hope to, uhh, get to know you better" SixPa- i mean Jackson smiles one last time at me before backing out of my room. And I hope to get to know him better as well....

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