My (real) Mommy and Me <3

Kendra sets out find her real mom and finds that she isnt what she expected her to be like


3. Questions but No Answers


"Kendra!? Kendra where are you?" I woke up to the angry voice of my father. I must've sleep in the room with the information off my mother. All i remember is me looking at everything and happily thinking I found my mom. As I jogged up the stairs and into the kitchen puting breakfast on the table. "Kendra!! Get into the kitchen. Breakfast is ready!" he yelled once more. I just leaned on the door, crossinf my arms on my chest. When my dad turned around he jumped. " I didn't know you were there. You sneaky child." He said as he slapped a convincing grin across his face. "Don't try to make me happy at this times of day. First of all, you know I hate waking up to your screaming and second, last night I went down to the basement and found a little door behind the staircase." I said angrily. My dad's grin was replaced by a nervous look and then he looked down to the floor. "How much did you see?" he asked "Everything, Why did you keep this away from me?!? You know how much I wanted to know about her? Do you? Oh right, you do because I'm  always talking about her! God dad, why couldn't you just tell me? What's the big deal?" I asked i felt the tension between us. I felt a single tear coming down my cheek. I stormed out of the kitchen and into my room, locked it and started to cry.

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