My (real) Mommy and Me <3

Kendra sets out find her real mom and finds that she isnt what she expected her to be like


9. Pizza Rolls

I waited down inthe kitchen while Andy got dressed and came down for dinner. He kept staring at me the whole was weird. I washed the dishes, mom came down wearing a sparkly grey dress some and black heels rushing to leave. "Woah.. What's the rush? And where are you going if you don't mind my asking" I said trying to help her fix her hair and makeup."I totally forgot that I had to meet Simon Cowell for a record deal, my agent is threatning to cut my contract because he found out that your my daughter, he's had enough with Andy." I looked at Andy and he smirked. She continued "I thought it was a very stupid reason. So Simon wants to help and I have to meet him at the restruant in 20 minutes and there's a lot of traffic!" With one last look in the mirror, she grab her purse and said "Got to go BYE! Love you, heat up some pizza rolls if you get hungry, my number is on the counter, DON"T LET ANDY BURN THE HOUSE DOWN!! and try to use this time for bonding yo know? okay well bye!!" and she was out the door. I stood there dumbfounded replaying what she just said. I heard a chuckle behind me and suddenly remebered I wasn't the only one home. "What are you laughing at?" I wasn't in the mood for teasing but he is just so unresistable! "Oh, nothing... I'm Andy, I don't think that I made a clear intoduction of myself." He replied looking for the pizza rolls in the fridge. "Okay. First, you just ate, go eat some fruit or something. These are for later!" I said trying to snatch the bag of pizza rolls out his hand, but he lifed his arm up and I couldn't reach. He laughed and handed them over. "Yes mother.." I smiled sarcastically at him, put the bag back in the fidge. I felt musculer arms around my waist and turned around. It was Andy. "And you are?" he asked trying to flirt. "Kendra...your sister. Andy I just met you, this isn't right." I tried to untangle myself from his arms but he wouldn't budge. "Common, nobody's home. Relax a little and have some fun!" There was some akward silence. I heard the the door open. It was mom. I pushed Andy away and opened the fridge pretendig to look for something. "Jeez, I forgot my wallet... Kendra you just ate what are you looking for?" I panicked. "Uhhh..." Damn it... "Uh I asked her to get me some pizza rolls, you know I'm always hungry" Andy covered up for me. Thank Goodness! I smiled and grabbed the bag of pizza rolls. "Yup, they're right here.. hahaha..." I handed them over to Andy and mom's face went from confusion to happiness. "Thanks sis!" Andy said patting my head and I stared at him warning to stop. "Alright, well I'm already late so bye once again and don't sleep late!!" and she was out the door. Me and andy laughed so much I almost peed myself.

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