My (real) Mommy and Me <3

Kendra sets out find her real mom and finds that she isnt what she expected her to be like


5. On The Phone With Mom

  The phone was dialing. I was paniking. What if it was the right time to fly down to Miami right now? What if she was too busy for me? 'Damn Kendra calm yourself down! Everything is going to be al--' My thoughts were cut off my a "Hello?" "Uhh" I looked at my dad, he gave two thumbs up. "Umm hi. Is This Alissa Greenfeild?" I asked, I kind of stuttered. "Yes, this is. May I ask who this is?" She had such a sweet voice. " Umm. This is your daughter, Kendra." I said with anxiety in my voice. "K-Kendra? Is this really you?" She asked, I could hear her trying to hold back some tears. "Yes, this is." I said quickly, I felt tears coming down my cheeks. "O-Oh. Oh my gosh. aha. I thought you would never find me. I guess i was wrong. My girl is smart, I should have never doubted you. I think of you every day, and every time the phone rang I would panick because I would think it was you. And know I am talking to my baby girl. How've you been? We have a lot to talk about. Do you think you can come down to Miami? I mean, if that's okay with your father.." She said eagerly. My mom sounded just like I though she would be, but better. I coudn't wait to see her.

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