My (real) Mommy and Me <3

Kendra sets out find her real mom and finds that she isnt what she expected her to be like


11. morning drive

These past couple of days have been sooo great! Me and mom went to Panera bread for lunch and shopping for the rest of the day and me Jackson and Andy have been hanging out 24/7. I honestly thought me and Andy were gonna end up fighting every second we had but no, I'm so happy to have him as my brother. And just so sweet and nice and just soo beautiful. We went to the carnival togther the other day and he won me a stuffed animal and when he dropped me off at home he told me that he's known many beautiful girls but no one as beautiful as me and then he kissed my forehead and said goodnight. It was the best night og my life.\


Well today I start school. My mom put me in the same classes as Andy for the fist semester so i dont get lost. Im okay with that and so is Andy. But I'm scared i mean really. The girls aroung here have perfect tans, most of them are Tumblr girlls which definately puts me out of place. Andy got a ride with another one of his bandmates and Jackson is my ride to school for today and hopefully the rest of the week :). "Kendra, dont worry everything will be fine, you have me, Andy and the other guys if anything goes wrong we'll be by your side!" I sigh out of relief knowing that as long he keeps his word everything will be fine. "Thanks Jackson, you always know what to say wheni get like this. I'm just so happy that I have you as a friend. To be honest i dont think anyone has been this good to me in years!" He smiles "What?" i ask "i just feel that... i dont know. We've known each other for a couple of months, i mean i met you in the beginning of summer and know it autumn-" "Jeez Jackson get to the point!" I laugh, he smiles "What im trying to say is that...I think we should be more than friends" Red light, he stops the car and looks at me with innocent eyes. I was speechless. I mean why? Why me? I look over at him and he smiles "I dont know Jackson..i really dont want to ruin this friendship.." "Well then lets make this friendship stronger...please Kendra..Will you be my girlfriend?" I'm thinking. What if it doesn't work out and it will be forever awkward..? What if it does work out and he the guy you've been waiting for? Nahh Kandra, thats crazy talk..its worth a shot.. I mea- "Kendra?" I look at him again and smile as i lean in to kiss him. Short but passionate. "So..I'll take that as a yes?" he laughs, I bite my lip and nod.


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