My (real) Mommy and Me <3

Kendra sets out find her real mom and finds that she isnt what she expected her to be like


2. Finally


AHHH!! I knew i would find something of my mother! So last night i just couldn't sleep, so i went so exploring around the house.(even though I've lived in it all my life. I love finding new things) And i came across this little door under the staircase to the basement, funny how i thought there wasn't anythig there. And when i opened it there was pictures, my birth certifacte, and a phone book. I got so excited I forgot how tired I was! Okay, so when i was going through all the things I found out that my mother's name is Alissa Greenfeild, and she lives in Miami, Florida ( I really dot know how my dad had that information, unless she kept in touch, to find out how I was and stuff like that...) I also found out her adress, her age, her cell number and when my parents had gotten divorced. I was really happy when I found all of this, but then it made me mad how I didn't now that there was a little door to all of this. I mean I could've been in Miami with my mom! I hate my dad for not telling me all of this about my mom. I mean what's the big deal? Well, now I am going to find out whether he likes it or not. He owes me an explanation

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