A dream come true

Amy is your average 17 year old girl. When Amy meets One Direction her world goes topsy-turvy.


1. A normal day until...

Hi my name is Amy, I'm 17 and I love pink and roses. My dad is a manager and he is managing rihanna now and my mom died when I was 7 years old it's been hard living without her.

"Amyyyymy,I have bad news and good news. Come down here now please" my dad yells.
"ok I'm coming" I yell back.
I run down the stairs. I hears some giggling, wierd...
"Hunny, rihanna fired me and now I am managing"... One Direction walks out of the bathroom.
OH MY GOD, I mean hi nice to meet you, I'm Amy.
Zayn salutes me first with a kiss on the hand. Niall says "hi lovely", next up is Louis he says " good morning love". Liam comes and kisses each one of my cheeks. Harry kiss mg cheek and says "uh...um". He thinks your gorgeous shouts Louis.
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