Letters To Lou

Louis Tomlinson from One Direction passed away in a horrible car accent with Harry Styles, Harry survied. Now everyday his sister Lilly writes to 'him' everyday, missing her brother like crazy...soon she sees her brother as a ghost... she makes a wish, a wish for her brother to be alive again.. what if it works?


3. letter # 2

WARNING: I bawled my eyes out writing this... just saying... well, ENJOY! ~ Toni xx I woke up and rubbed my eyes. The boys were sound a sleep so I went down stairs to make breakfast. I cracked the eggs and began mixing. "Hi Lilly!" "Hi Li-" wait, that sounded like... I spun around and saw Lou AGAIN! "Lou! You talked!" "I'm not mute Lilly, just dead." I giggled and went to go hugg him then stopped. "I'll go right through you won't I.?" He nodded. "Sadly yes, I miss you Lilly.. It's all my fault!" "I miss you two Lou, a lot." I began crying full on. "I wish I could just hug you one last time and seen those eyes and that smile." "I liked your letter Lil, do you think you could wake up Haz and Liam for me love?" I nodded and began walked upstairs. Lou was behind me, I think. I opned the bedroom door. "Boys wake up, someone is here for you." My voice cracked. "Who and why are you crying?" Liam peeked his head over the bed and his eyes got huge. "HARRY WAKE UP ITS LOUIS!" Harry sprun gout of his sleep he saw Lou and just started crying like crazy. "Lou I'm sorry." "Harry it was my fault, don't blame your self." I took a seat next to Liam and Harry. "We miss you Lou, we really do, we don't know how to tell out fans and Simon." Liam explained. "I know, I know, but guess what!" "What Lou?" I said alittle excited. "I visted Zayn and Niall! Niall started bawling and Zayn just watched us talk. Niall is a wreck, I think you should go talk to him." We all nodded. "If you need me, just shout and I can come." "I love you Lou!" I shouted. "I love you too Lilly and I would do anything to be here with you guys." "I love you." Liam and Harry said together. He smiled and waved and was gone. We headed downstairs as we ate breakfast. Niall and Zayn stopped over and we watched mvoies all day, Harry screamed for Louis about 10 times, it was funny. *Around 10:45pm* Dear Lou, It was fun seeing you today(: I just wish it really was you and not just a ghost. I wish you were back. Here making everyone smile. Niall doesn't have the same eye smarkle like before. Harry is just... a mess. He hair isn't as curly, his eyes aren't as green. Zayn is quiet, I haven't heard him speak since the moment we heard you pass away. Liam is just Liam, he tried to cheer me up, but he wasn't even happy. I can't do it any more Lou. I NEED YOU HERE! WE NEED YOU HERE! I want to wake up to a huge hug and you saying "Goodmorning little flower." I would reply back "Goodmorning boo bear." Then Harry would attack you. I miss those Larry Stylinson moments, when Liam and I would kiss and you would cring at the sight. When you would make Niall sing becuase you loved his voice. How about that time you made Zayn take you tot get a tattoo but you chickened out and ran out of the place yelling. You were such a happy person. Like the day you figured out Eleanor cheated on you and you came home making up a huge poem about how you were happy with out her. I don't even know how mom is taking this... I don't know if anyone decided to tell dad either. I-I just can't keep writing, I miss you. Love you Lou Forever & Always Lillly <3 I just fell to my knees and began crying. "Lilly!?" Liam called out. He hugged me tight and I just cried. "I-I just want my brother back, I all I want his my brother." "I know babe, we all want him back." "I just wish he was alive again. I really do." Liam played with my hair and carried me upstairs. He placed me on the air mattress and fell asleep with me. ....what Lilly didn't know was when she made the wish, it was 11:11 and that night, a shooting star flew by... will they grant her wish? (;

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