Letters To Lou

Louis Tomlinson from One Direction passed away in a horrible car accent with Harry Styles, Harry survied. Now everyday his sister Lilly writes to 'him' everyday, missing her brother like crazy...soon she sees her brother as a ghost... she makes a wish, a wish for her brother to be alive again.. what if it works?


2. Letter # 1

*Lilly's POV* "I'm sorry everyone, but Mr. Tomlinson passed away last night... His heart couldn't hold it any longer." The nurse sighed and walked away slowly. I slid off my chair, falling to my knees. I just cried, my brother is gone, he just left. "It's all my fault!" Harry cried out. I don't blame Harry one bit, Louis shouldn't have taken the wheel and just listened to Harry. "It's not your fault Harry." Zayn said he cried as well. I felt arms wrap around me and pull me on to their lap. I knew it was Liam so I jut cried into his shirt and he let tears slid down his face. "I'm sorry I couldn't get a plane fast enoug- why is everyone crying!?" My mom asked all frantic. "Lou is gone mom. HE IS GONE!" I cried even more. I looked up and Zayn was comforting Niall and Harry was just a wreck. "H-Harry, come here." I helled out my arms and Harry sat on my lap like a little baby. I squeezed him and we cried hestrically together. Liam was probably crushed right now since we were both on his lap, but I dont think he cared. He just hugged his both. "Harry it's not your fault, you told Lou no, he was just being the Louis Tomlinson we all know well knew." I began crying again into Harry's neck as he cried into mine. "Why don't we got back home." "I-I can't home back to my flat Liam, Lou lived there with me!" "I'll come with you Harry." He stood up and helped me up, then Liam. "Do you boys want to come as well?" They shook thir heads. "I would cry even more." Niall said as Zayn helped him up. We nodded and they left. "I'll come." Liam picked me up like a baby, me balanced on his hip as I wrapped my arms around his neck and cried into his shoulder. *At Harry's flat* "Hey Haz, do you have journal or something?" "Uh, we have this thing Niall was going to use for song writing, but thought it was too girly." "Can I have it?" He nodded and walked to the desk they hand in the living room. I pulled my favorite pen that wrote with red ink out of my purse and Harry handed me the book, it was perfect. I wrote in my best hand writting "Letters To Lou" on the front of the book. "What are you doing love?" Liam sat next to me and red the front of the book out loud, whispering it to himself. "Everyday I will write a letter to Louis." He smiled slightly and hugged me with one arm. "That's a wonderful idea babe." He kissed my cheek. "I'll leave you alone to write, I'll be in Harry's room if you need me." I nodded and he headed upstairs. I sat indian style and opened the book to the first page. Dear Lou, Today, August 13th 2012, you passed away. Lou I can't believe it... You were only 20 years old! Way to young to die. Everyone is devastated... Harry wouldn't go back to the flat alone knowing you weren't there anymore, he keeps blaming this all on himself, when it was actually your fault. Why did you have to be so stubborn Lou! You could be alive right now! You were always like that... I don't understand why, but you were. Lou.... I miss you like crazy. Do you know how hard it is to loose your older brother!? You were my other half, always there to make me smile and all, but now... I don't know what to do with out you here! Oh, sorry about all the drops of water, I can't stop crying. I wonder how Harry is doing, Liam went to go calm him down. You should've seen us when the nurse broke the news to us. I was on Liam's lap and Harry was on mine, crying together. Niall is a huge reck actually. Zayn took him back to their flat, Niall couldn't bare coming here. You were a big brother to him, always there to stick up for him, helped him keep that smile on his face and that sparkle in his eyes. I should go see how Harry is feeling without his boo bear. One sec Lou. I stood up, I'll finish writing in Harry's room. I started walked to the stairs untill I saw.... LOUIS! He was just stand there on the stairs smiling, wearing the outfit he wore that night of the crash, his usual outfit complete with toms, stripped shirt, red pants and suspenders. He smiled at me. "Lou?" He just smiled, then dissapered. I sprinted up the stairs into Harry's room. "I SAW LOU! I REALLY DID HE WAS ON THE STAIRS SMILING AT ME!" "REALLY!?" Harry flew off the bed and stood in front of me as I nodded quickly. "well, of course he was a ghost, but he was there, I promise! Wearing the same outfit he wore that night, he looked fine, just smiling at me." "Thats so cool!" Harry exclaimed. "He is still here with us!" "I need to finish writing to him!" I jumped on the bed next to Liam and opened the book and began writing at where I left off; I saw you Lou! I saw you! You were there, smiling at me, wearing the usaul outfit of Louis Tomlinson. You just smiled at me, but still you are still here with us! Seeing you made me realize how much I miss you. Seeing those eyes and that smile one last time was just... amazing! I hope to see you again. I love you Lou... Forever & Always Your little sister; Lilly <3 I shut the book and put it next to the bed. "I'm tired..." I yawned right on cue. "Me too, you guys can sleep on the air mattress, I won't make you sleep in Lou's room." Liam and I crawled on the mattress and snuggled under the covers. "Hey Lilly, do you think I will be able to see Lou one day?" "Most likely Haz, he deffiantly will want to see you. You too Liam." "I sure do hope so." Harry sighed. "Night guys, love you." "Love you to Hazz." Liam and I said at the same time. "Love you Li." "Love you too." He kissed me lightly and I snuggled into his chest... I want to see Lou again.  

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