Letters To Lou

Louis Tomlinson from One Direction passed away in a horrible car accent with Harry Styles, Harry survied. Now everyday his sister Lilly writes to 'him' everyday, missing her brother like crazy...soon she sees her brother as a ghost... she makes a wish, a wish for her brother to be alive again.. what if it works?


1. Lilly Tomlinson

H-hi... I'm Lilly, Lilly Tomlinson. Sorry if I stutter a bit.. I've been crying non-stop lately. Thank goodness my boyfriend Liam is here for me... L-Liam Payne, Lou's b-band mate. My brother; Louis Tomlinson, is in a coma and might not make it... Lou is my older brother, and I love him with all my heart, if he leaves us I don't know what I will do It all started 2 nights ago.. *Night of the crash* *Harry's POV* "Louis, you're drunk, I will just call a cab, you can't drive!" "Shut it Harry, I am fine!" "LOUIS PLEASE!" "I'm.Fine." I sighed and got into the car, I was nervous, he just won't listen. We began driving it wasn't that bad, he was actually driving good. This guy had his highbeams on and honestly it was blinding me. "Lou, go into a different lane." He wouldn't listen. "LOUIS!" As he finally listened the guys lights beamed right off the mirror. It got Lou right in his face causing him not to see the car leaving Lou's control. The car flipped and I remember Lou saying; "Harry, I'm sorry." and after that everything went black...  

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