Summer Camp


1. Trouble

Mum took my already packed up suitcase and we both walked down to her car, not talking to each other. I got into the car and sat down on one of the back seats and my mum started driving, still not talking to me. When she looked at me, I saw the disappointment in her face. I felt so bad. I knew I shouldn't have done what I did. Going out, getting drunk and hooking up with a guy, that I didn't even know. That guy took my virginity, something really special for every girl and I let him do it, because I was drunk like that. Mum had to pick me up from this guy's place, because I wasted all my money on drinks and when she saw how drunk I was, she got really angry and then the guy came walking out of the building half naked and handed me my bra. It was such an embarrassing moment and the looks my mum gave me.. I'll never forget them. All off that just happened a day ago and since then we've not talked to each other, but when I got up my suitcase was packed and dad said “I should get ready, because mum will take me somewhere”. Yeah, that's pretty much it. I had no clue where I was going to, but I knew it was somewhere, where I didn't want to go somewhere far away from home.


Mum continued driving for hours and we didn't even have one pee break. It was terrible, really. After hours of driving, mum parked in front of building, it was near a beach though so it looked quite nice but my eyes nearly popped out when I saw the sign “Summer Church Camp” it said. “Mum, are you serious? I'm not gonna stay in a church camp for god sakes” I said to her. “You are! You've done horrible things and you'll have enough time to think about what you've done.. here” mum said. “but mum I know that I made a mistake, I feel terrible for what I've done, please don't leave me here, this is not fair” I replied. “(YN), I'm doing this because I love you! You've changed so much the last past year, you've done all those terrible things and I just want you to realise that this isn't you anymore” mum said and to be honest I didn't even listen to her. I got out of the car and so did my mum, she walked into the building and I followed her. I knew that I had no chance of running away, it was already dark outside and I didn't knew where I was.


A huge, muscly woman walked straight towards us and greeted my mum then me, her name was Clara. “So (YN), I'm going to take you to your room now, it's time to say goodbye to your mum” she said. “Bye” I said coldly, but my mum hugged me. “I love you (YN), goodbye” she said and the handed me my suitcase and walked away. Clara and I walked upstairs and stopped at the second floor. “Okay, in front of you is the girls shower and bathroom” Clara explained. “and on the left..” she stopped speaking when we looked to the left side, because we saw a blond boy running around in only his boxers. “John, would you please go back to your room, you're not alone here anymore” Clara said to the boy. He looked in our direction and smiled at us. “I'm not John, I'm Edward” he said and walked into one of the rooms. “Okay, so on the left side are the boys sleeping rooms and on the right side the girl sleeping rooms, girls are not allowed in any of the boys room and boys are not allowed in any of the girls room” Clara continued talking and she took my to what seemed to be my room. “This will be your room, the other girls will arrive tomorrow morning. So you'll have this room to yourself for tonight” Clara said, she opened the doors and the room looked quite nice. Three single beds in it and a nice table with three chairs. “Okay, that's it. I'll be checking on you later.” Clara said and walked away.


I took the bed next to the window and sat down. Clara was nice and the boy we saw seemed to be nice too, so maybe this was not going to be as bad as I thought it would be. I unpacked my suitcase and then went outside the room to take a shower. I took some fresh clothes with me and a towel. I had a quick shower and washed my hair then jumped into my pj's. I was so ready for bed, driving all day had made me really tired. I walked outside the bathroom and slipped on the wet floor. I heard someone laughing really quite near me so I looked up and looked to the left side. There he was again, the blond boy but he looked a bit different, and he was wearing a superman shirt. When he caught me looking at him he waved at me and walked into one of the rooms. I stood up and thought about going in that room too, but I did not want to get in trouble just now, so I decided to walk to my own room and get some sleep.  

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