Whats Love?

Tygur is 17, she is a foster child, she has seen love get torn apart millions of times, and she cant trust anybody. Tyrgur doesnt believe in love, can Niall help her change that?


4. The "Date"


She opened the door I looked up from the ground to see her sparkling green eyes, her dazzling smile, and her long brown hair wavier than ive seen it before, but she still looked as beautiful as ever. "Ready to go?" I said "Yes!" she said. She raced me down to the car, she won but only because she got a head start! "Haha you lost!" she said as if she was a first grader "Only because you got a head start!" I exclaimed "Ok im just going to leave it at that!" she said playfully.

When we got to Nandos I didnt want to make a fool of my self but I also wanted to be myself... So I went with being myself. I think I ordered more than half of the menu! But I didnt care. "So whats this place called again?" she asked "Nandos" I said "Oh thats interesting." I noticed she was looking around "You have never been here before?" I face palmed my self in my mind, of course she hasnt been here before! Why else would she ask what the name of it is! Your so stupid Niall! "No I havent" she shared "Well its my favorite place to eat!" I said as I chowed down "I can tell by how much food you ordered!" she giggled, we both giggled together. After we ate we talked for a while about family, life, friends, and alomst everything else in the world!

I checked the time and it was only 8:30! "Ready to go?" I asked her "Im ready if you are!" she said grinning. As I drove her home we listened to music. and basically sang every song together! When we pulled up to her house she asked me "Want to come in?" she smiled basically hoping I would say yes, "Yes!" I said gladly. She lead me in the door and her parents were in the living room "Mom dad this is Niall my friend" she smiled like ive never seen her smile before "Hi Niall it is very nice to meet you!" they  both said to me "Hello sir madam" I was as polite as can be. "We'll be in my room!" she shouted leading me up the stairs. When we got into her room she turned on some music but set it low enough so we could talk. "So whatya wanna talk about?" she said "About our little race earlier" I said grinning "I only beat you beacuse im faster and stronger than you!" she giggled "Pshh little woman im way stronger than you'll ever be!" I said flexing my arms and kissing my muscle "Oh really? Than I challenge you to a wrestling match! Right here right now!" she nudged me as she said it "Oh its on!" I picked her up and put her in a headlock, not to strong but not to light either. she kicked me in the stomach "Grr" I said as I let her out of my head lock and pinned her down to the floor. We were both smiling and laughing. I looked into her eyes and I realized I started to lean in, her green eyes just make me melt and I got closer and closer then.. "Thats what makes you beautiful!" we both jumped and giggled her phone was ringing but she pressed ignore. The moment was over I was happy because I didnt want to mess this thing up but at the same time I was kinda sad cuz I want to be more than friends, but I cant tell her that.

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