Whats Love?

Tygur is 17, she is a foster child, she has seen love get torn apart millions of times, and she cant trust anybody. Tyrgur doesnt believe in love, can Niall help her change that?


2. Surprise!


  I was on my way to meet my two best friends Elliot and Adrian at the Cafe in town. My foster mom couldnt drive me so i had to walk, it was a very long walk. I was walking through a very dead part of town it was a beautiful part of town but no one ever went there and I dont why. As I was walking I heard someone call my name as if it were a question "Tygur?" they said it with excitment too I turned my head to see One Direction a couple of feet behind me. My mouth dropped as an O in amazement. wondering if this is a dream, but it wasnt.



Me and the lads were walking on the dead part of town so we wouldnt get mobbed by fans. We were walking when I saw a very familiar face. She was petite, she had long brown hair, and her walk was familiar. I just couldnt put my finger on it then it hit me! "Tygur?" I yelled, all the lads looked at me as if I was crazy I even looked at me as if I was crazy, I had no intention to yell that but I did. I lifted my head up to see a girl with her mouth open like an O I giggled to myself as I walked towards her. "Yes?" I heard her sweet british accent say in confusion "Its me Niall remember? We met yesterday at the signing." I said feeling a grin upon my face, "Yeah I know who you are silly! Im just confused as to why you called my name. Im surprised that you even remember me!" she said in excitment, I had confused look on my face "Well why wouldnt I remember you?" oh no! why did I say that? She started too blush and smile. Her smile was as beautiful as her eyes! Which I found my gazing at again. "What are you doing here?" I said "Im on my way to meet my friends at this Cafe" she said still blushing "Oh. Thats cool! Would you mind if I walk with you?" hoping she would say yes "Woudnt you get mobbed by fans?" "Not if i put my sunglasses and beanie on!" I said grinning. She giggled "Ok then! Well what about your friends?" I frowned forgetting about them "Oh yeah! Hold on!" I ran asking for permission to go they all didnt care "Thanks!" I said grinning. Then me and Tygur were off!" 




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