Whats Love?

Tygur is 17, she is a foster child, she has seen love get torn apart millions of times, and she cant trust anybody. Tyrgur doesnt believe in love, can Niall help her change that?


1. Happy Day

"Thats what makes you beautiful!" Tygur's iPhone went off. Tygur moaned and she rolled over in bed to see who it was that was calling her, as she picked up her phone she looked to see it was her best friend Elliot. "What?" Tygur said not very pleased "Omg you will never believe this but One Direction is doing a signing at the Murry Mall today! If we get there early enough we can meet them! Bring your poster!!!" Elliot said squeeling almost the whole time, "Omg your being serious with me aren't you? If you're kidding I will never talk to you again!" Tygur said with excitement "No no no no no! Im not joking! I will be at your house in about 30! K?", "OK!!!!" tygur had the biggest smile ever upon her face! She got up searching around her room for the perfect poster, not too big, not too small, something with all the boys on it... "AHA!!!" she said finding her favorite poster of them. She ran over to her closet to find the perfect outfit. She slipped it on, ran across the hall to her bathroom, brushed her long straight brown hair, and she put on minimal make-up. She saw a shirt hanging on the door, she gasped saying "Perfect!" she put her One Direction shirt on that she had made a couple of months ago. She got a text saying that Elliot was there. She ran to tell her foster mom bye and headed for the door.

When they got to the mall they had to wait hours and hours then they only had time for two more people it was perfect! Her and Elliot were the last two to meet them. They were so excited! Since they were last they had more time than others to talk to them. Tygur's eyes lit up when she saw Niall, he was even more gorgeous in real life. His smile made her melt and his eyes made her want to go swimming, she was trying her hardest not to fangirl. Niall was amazed at how beautiful Tygur was. He just gazed at her gorgeous light green eyes, he thought her hair was so perect the way it shined and how beautifully brown it was, and he also loved how her and her friend didnt treat them like they were famous, they treated them like normal teenage guys. Niall asked for their twitters and thats when they started fan girling, but Niall didnt care. After they gave them to him the security said they need to go. They said their goodbyes and Niall was happy he atleast got their twitters but he was sad they would probably never see eachother again.

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