Whats Love?

Tygur is 17, she is a foster child, she has seen love get torn apart millions of times, and she cant trust anybody. Tyrgur doesnt believe in love, can Niall help her change that?


3. Friend?


As Niall and I walked to the Cafe there was no awkward silences! We talked like we were best friends! Even though we have only known eachother for a few minutes I felt as if I could fully trust him! I asked him if we could take a break and sit down cuz my feet were hurting, "How about I give you a piggy back ride instead?" he insisted, "Umm are you sure?" I said not sounding very sure "Yeah! Im sure you dont wieght THAT much!" he chuckled, I gasped and hit him in the arm "Hey!" he said playfully "I was gonna let you but you just ruined it buddy!" I said smiling. Niall grinned and said "Hey isnt that your friend? With the Blonde hair?" he was pointing behind me "Huh?" I said stupid enough to actually turn around, he picked me up and held me over his shoulder not letting go I wiggled and yelled all I wanted too but no one even cared! Finally I gave up after a few minutes and I started giggling. Finally we reached the Cafe and he put me down, Elliot and Adrian looked at me with stares. "Well I better get going" he said trying to brake the awkward silence, "Oh bye! I really appreciate you walking with me!" I said being truthfull "No problem! I enjoyed it! Can I get your number?" I giggled "Yes you can!" I smiled and gave him my number. As he walked off me and my friends went into the Cafe. "Who was that?" Adrian said with a cold stare, "Niall" I said as if it was a question but obviously it was a statement, "I thought we promised we werent gonna fall for any boys nor date any boys until were 18!" she said still staring me down "Well im almost 18! In 3 months!" I said getting annoyed with her, "Well dont freaking fall for him! He's just a stuck up celebirty that will brake your heart!" I felt my breathing get hard and heavy my face was scrunched up, I felt like a bull. All I needed was nose piercings. "NO HE'S NOT ADRIAN!!! You dont even know him! He's just my friend, a friend that I can actually trust!" I crossed my arms over my chest looking the other direction digusted with Adrian. "Ty Im s..." she started to say but interupted her "NO! Come on Elliot lets get out of here." We left Adrian there not caring that Elliot was her ride to the cafe and back home. I could care less about her right now all I wanna think about is nothing!

My phone went off, I looked down to see who it was and it was Niall! "Hey umm do you maybe wanna go out to dinner tonight? Just as friends! :)" I smiled replying "Yes of course Niall! What time?" I said "7? I will pick you up if thats okay. Where do you live?" I answered him back telling him my address.

I looked at the clock when I got home and it was already 5:30! I rushed in the shower, dryed my hair, Slipped on a cute graphic tee, a skirt with leggings, minimal make-up, and put on my only pair of shoes which are my balck converse. I got a text saying he was here I rushed down stairs opened the door and he was standing there as perfect as ever!

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