Cola Hair

A non-fiction, really short story that I wrote yesterday in the garden thinking depressing thoughts about how I'm not myself anymore. My hair colour is also fading because when it was last dyed it did actually look cola coloured. Now it looks kind of bleghh with nearly two inch roots showing. I miss cola hair...


1. Cola Hair

Have you ever looked at a glass of cola held up to a light? Like really looked at it and observed all the different colours? The reds, the browns, the oranges and the golds. They create such a fantastic pattern. When it's not held in the light, it just looks dark brown, almost black, with a slight reddish tinge to it when someone opens the door and lets in the light. Thats the way her hair looked. Dark brown, but in the sunshine it was beautiful. With the different shades of red, brown, orange and gold.

The girl with the cola hair. That's who I wanted to be. I saw her in the mirror, but she wasn't me.

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