Teenage Dream

Destiny and Kali move to London to hopefully finish college together. They have known eachother since they were in kinder school. Destiny is hopng to start a career in the acedemic community and Kali wants to partake in the life of law. They celebrate their giant step from the suburbs of New York to a big city in London by hitting a club. they have an encounter that leads them straight to men that will do anything to get them to love them. That is if they can convince the girls to give love a chance.


2. Weirdos or Heros?

Kali's POV. They duct taped my mouth and shoved me into the wall. I felt my bare shoulders smack against the cold tiled walls. It stung but I couldn't exactly do anything. They turned me around and tied my hands together, another man walking over and running his sweaty palms up and down my body checking for a weapon, luckily for me they didn't find it.

Destiny's POV. I watched them give Kali a pat down, it was awful! I saw her roll her eyes and attempt to kick them back, but she failed. The one thing Kali and I learned about clubbing was to always carry something to protect you, I forgot mine. I was next to get the pat down. They didn't find anything, like I said. Panic flew through my veins, I was crying and couldn't scream.

Kali's POV. I situated myself on my knees so I could grab the pocket knife from my heels. I yanked it out when the thugs weren't paying attention and cut my arms free. I moved closer to Destiny and cut her arms free. We both yanked the nasty silver tape from our mouths and tried to sneak away.

Destiny's POV. Kali gave me the knife and told me to run. I didn't know what to do, I ran. The boy who had not to much earlier been staring at me got in my way. I stuck the blade up an he threw his hands up. He moved closer to me and whispered in my ear, his cheek ever so slightly brushing mine, "I'm trying to help." I didn't believe him, he had to have been apart of what was happening. Why else Had he been staring at us when we got attacked?

Harry's POV. She doesn't believe me. She stuck the knife up near my throat and glared at me. Her eyes were simply gorgeous, I didn't mind having her stare at me it gave me an excuse to look back.

Kali's POV. They grabbed me by the throat and held me in the air. I kicked my feet rapidly, using my hands to try and peel his fingers from my throat. Slowly I was starting to loose air. The room around my was spinning and getting darker.

Louis' POV. I knocked the knife from the girls hand. It clattered on the tiled floor a few feet away. The girl looked terrified, trembling staring from me to Harry. I didn't know how to react. I looked over into the corner and saw the other girl struggling. I bolted across the room and tried to yank her out of the thugs grip.

Destiny's POV. They curly haired boy yanked me behind him. Covering me, was he trying to protect me? He smelt like fresh cologne and sweat. He grabbed my wrist lightly with his hand and pulled me quietly behind a table, "stay here, I'll think of something." I nodded, I could feel a slight headache creeping up. I peaked over top of the table and watched what happened.

Kali's POV. I saw the guy that I called a creeper trying to save me. Everything got black and my body went limp.
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