Teenage Dream

Destiny and Kali move to London to hopefully finish college together. They have known eachother since they were in kinder school. Destiny is hopng to start a career in the acedemic community and Kali wants to partake in the life of law. They celebrate their giant step from the suburbs of New York to a big city in London by hitting a club. they have an encounter that leads them straight to men that will do anything to get them to love them. That is if they can convince the girls to give love a chance.


1. Celebration Gone Wrong

Destiny's POV. Kali!!!!" I scream running from our front door to the driveway, greeting her with a huge hug. Kali turns around, "Destiny!" I hug her for a moment, "Kali look at this place it's goregous!" I turn around myself to yet again look at the glorious plan behind me. The house was 2 stories and was a light grey. The front porch was painted white, on the porch sat a few rocking chairs and a small glass table, from the ceiling hung 3 pots of flowers that were purple and yellow. Lining the front of the house was a small garden filled with roses, lillies, and daisy's. Since Kali and I were going to the same school over in England we decides to but a house together. She's my best friend, she's my rock. I remember having a huge fight with her over my boyfriend, that night I found out he had cheated on me, Kali showed up with ice cream and nail polish. Since then we have never fought.
I've been here for the past 2 day arranging furniture and getting settled while Kali finished packing in the U.S.
"it's beautiful Dessy!" Kali squealed grabbing a bunch of packages from the back of the moving truck.

Later that night after getting Kali unpacked and situated we decided to celebrate at a local club. I put on a sparking silver dress that reached my knees. I threw on my favorite pair of black pumps and my charm bracelet before i remembered to do my hair.

Kali's POV. The house was immaculate! My room was the color of the pink roses in the front garden, the carpet was so soft underneath my soar feet and I even had a couch in my room! I walk up to my vanity and rummage through my makeup I straighten my wavy hair. I stand up and find my black and hot pink strapless dress. I grab black heels and an extra coat of gloss and meet Destiny downstairs for the celebration.

Destiny's POV. I look around the empty first floor of the new house. It was very elegant on the inside. Pictures of mine and Kali's family hung on the walls and the furniture matched the walls and floors perfectly. I sat waiting for Kali for what seemed like ages when she finally popped her head around the corner in the most beautiful dress I have ever seen.

Kali's POV. Destiny!" I pause looking t her gorgeous dress, "You look absolutely stunning!" she does a twirl. I laugh at her, she was the bubble at person I knew.

When we finally reached the club it was packed. People running in and out, teens fighting girls crying. Maybe the US was not to different from the UK after all

Louis' POV. Cmon mate." I yell pulling Harry along down the sidewalk to the new club down the street from us. Harry has been a grump for weeks now, not leaving the house, barely talking to anybody, and scarcely touching the food on his plate. I told him its was time for some cheering up. I made him get dressed in his best outfit and then yanked him out of the house.

Harry's POV. We get in line behind a pair of very giggly girls. I had never seen either of them around town before. The girl with the silver dress was stunning. Her hair was done and she looked ready to have a good time. I glanced at Louis he staring at the girl next to the one I liked. When it was their turn to give ID we listened closely waiting for their names to be said, no luck. The girls just giggled and ran inside.

Louis' POV. Harry had finally found someone to spend time with. She had a silver dress on and was bubblier than all heck. I found the girl I wanted to dance with she was a beauty.

Kali's POV. a couple of weirdos were staring at us from the other side of the room. I nudged Destiny and pointed their way.

Destiny's POV. Kali was right, they were staring. They just stood there looking at us. I gave Kali the go ahead look knowing what she was about to do. Last time this happened a guy named Greg walked up to me trying to get me home with him Kali sat there and gave him the most idiotic look in the world. He tried to tap her shoulder but she bit his hand and screamed "I'm a velociraptor don't touch my children!" and pulled me away. I love when she did that to help me out of those really awkward situations.

Kali's POV. I looked back over and they were still staring at us I grabbed Destiny's arm and pulled her away. "God that's so rude!" she nodded to agree.
I heard the crash first. I looked over and saw a broken bottle held to my neck. I started to panic.

Destiny's POV. They threw me against the wall, and we're going to kill Kali. They duct taped her mouth and threw her against the wall next to me. Tears spilled down my face. People were starting to scream and run, leaving us there defenseless against this giant group of men.
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