One Simple Christmas Wish

Most 17 year old girls (like Emma Pill) want makeup and clothes for Christmas. All Emma wants is her old friend Andrew Lave back. After coming back from is father's business trip, Andrew suddenly hates Emma. Will she get her old friend back?


1. "Dont go..."

Emma's POV


"Emma!" I turn around and see my friend Andrew. "What?" I ask him. Me and Andrew have been friends since we were 7, 9 years ago. "Emma... my dad is supposed to go on a trip in Europe for work, and hes bringing my family and me with him." he frowns. "Oh. How long will you be gone? A week?" I ask him. "A year." he says, looking away. I start to tear up. "Your leaving me? Alone? A whole year." by now, I'm crying. He pulls me into a hug and sighs. "It'll be okay." I continue to cry. "I'll miss you, even if its only a year." I say. "It'll go by fast. I'm leaving tomorrow." I hope it does go by fast. He's my only friend that would care if I died, or moved. "I have to go finish packing now." "Dont go..." I whisper.

The next morning I get up and remember. I look out my window and see my family saying goodbye and everything. Andrew looks at me through the window and waves, but I run to the other side of my room and sit down. And cry.


Authors Note: New story! Yay! I like it, I think its good. This chapter is extremely short, because my laptop is dying. Im on vacation and left my charger home. I'll go and write more on my iPod though!


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