Destiny is a normal girl who is a crazy one direction fan. When one day she wins one direction tickets and backstage passes. After the show she meets the band, but then something weird happens. Harry starts to fall in love with destiny! But then, all of the other boys start falling for her and things turn bad. Who will she choose?


1. Excitment

I opened my locker, grabbing my Romeo and Juliet book, and my notebook. I shoved the lock back on the locker, and as i was just about to walk to my class my best friend Lexie scared me half to death.

"Hey Destiny!" Lexie said bouncing with excitment.

I jumped back and slamed into my locker, making a huge noise. Right at that exact moment, our vice principal walked by and looked at us. I gave her a fake smile, and as she tured the corner, I turned back to Lexie.

"Why are you so happy?" I asked whispering

"Ok, since tomorrow is the last day of school, and the begining of summer, 103.3 is giving away free One Direction tickets AND backstage passes!" Lexie said almost shouting. I swear she was going to scream, right then and there in the hallway.

"Really?" I said with wide eyes.

"No joke." She said smiling.

We started walking to our english class still talking about the contest.

"So, how do you win?" I asked now suddenly getting excited.

"You have to be the thirteenth caller to win the prize."

"Do you know how happy i would be if I won? I think if we met, harry would fall in love with me." I said now in my own little world.

I had just finished my sentance as we entered the room. As I started walking over to my seat, Kaitlyn Fredricks (the meanest girl in school) who sat next to me surrounded by her possy, jumped down from her desk and blocked my path.

"Harry Styles, fall in love....with you! In you dreams! Actually, not even in your dreams can you get him, your WAY to ugly." Kaitlyn snickered.

Kaitlyn's possy lauged as I walked around Kaitlyn. I sat in my seat almost in tears.

"Don't let it get to you." Said this kid who sits next to me.

I smiled. The bell rang soon after that. Mr. Davenport, our english teacher, entered the room. Everyone took their seats, everyone except for Kaitlyn.

Mr. Davenport set down his breif case and looked at Kaitlyn.

"Kaitlyn, please sit" Mr. Davenport said.

Kaitlyn stuck her nose in the air. "No."

"Excuse me?"

"You can't tell me what to do!" She said still standing up.

As the argument went on, I mumbled under my breath, "Brat."

During the time when we were suppost to be reading, all I did was dream about one direction. With their beautiful voices and their great hair and-

"Destiny?" I heard someone call.

I snapped back into reality realizing the teacher had called on me to read. I searched franticly to find the page we were on. Looking at the kids book next to me, he was pointing to the very last paragraph and smiling.

"Thank You" I mouthed.

I started reading and as soon as it was over, I drifted back into my dreams about one direction.

The rest of the day didn't seem to go fast enough. Class after class I just sat there in my seat listening to the same old boring lessons. Finally when it was the end of school, as soon as the bell rang, I ran to my locker, grabbed my stuff, and ran to my bus.

As soon as i got on the bus, i ran to the back. I sat there, litirally bouncing up and down. I looked up at the front, the bus driver was looking at me funny, but I didn't care. Thats wh
at you do when your excited.
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