Find Me And Save Me

18 year old Nioami Ocampa was walking throughout the streets of london when she had sensed something strange...but could zayn malik of one direction help her when shes at her weakest and almost striped of her freedom. but would Zayn tell the guys about this mystery girl or will we want her all for himself?But before he can make that decision he has to find her first. soon realizing if he wanted her there was a condition that came with Nioami ,Zayn would have to win Nioami over but what about Perrie? find out more inside :) leave comment fav and like if u want more i would really like it if you would give me your critism this is my first movella so i'd really appreciate it


6. The Meeting

Nioami's Pov
A tall man came in it was zayn's friend he had brown bed headed hair that he swifted to the side and had brown eyes he obviously had just walked out of bed he had a white t-shirt on with checkered pants."Nice to finally meet you im louis" i shook his hand"finally meet me?" i questioned him " yea zayn told us about the other night" he replied "what happened the other night sis?" skylar asked me.Shhhiiiitttt "i- umm ran into zayn during my run the other night and he helped me out" i said hopeing she would believe me luckily she nudged it off "oh okay". we headed out nd piled into louis's car he drove and drove it seemed never ending then we stopped i looked out the window to see a huge house and i mean HUGE.

Zayn's Pov
We finally arrived back at the house it was now 11:30 pm everyone piled out of the car and skylar and nioami were in awe at the house. it was a fairly big house i have to admit."welcome to our home" "It's awfully big for just the two of you? id love to work at your job" she chuckled after she spoke me and louis looked at each other she didn't know who we were. Well she didnt fangirl over us before i thought she wasnt a big fan but no she had no idea who we were."helloo you alive?" i must've been staring at her whilst thinking."sorry, but you really don't know who we are?" "should I?" she replied looking very confused "well we should get inside shouldn't we" louis said breaking the silence."the other boys have been waiting to meet you nioam" louis said trying to make conversation.

Nioami's Pov
"other boys?" i asked louis "yea three other boys are living with us right now too". we walked into the house soon to be greeted by three handsome boys a blonde one, a curly haired one and another one with brown hair styled up kind of like zayn's but diffrent in a way."Hello,love" the curly haired one said "My names Harry"

Harry's Pov
"My names Harry" i said to a very beautiful girl "Pleasure i'm Nioami" she sure had manners i liked this girl i smirked."welcome Nioami" i noticed a person behind Nioami "And you are" i kneeled down to the girls level holding my hand out "Skylar" she said whilst shaking my hand "Hello Skylar, i'm Harry" i found it strange the girls weren't fan girling over us

Nioami's Pov
the blonde boy introduced himself next his name was Niall then the other brown haired boy whos name was liam they were very nice to me and skylar.Zayn showed us around the huge house "And this is your room Nioami and over there is your room Skylar" "do you mind if me and skylar share this room its surely big enough" "yea of coure i'll get the guys to move the bed in here" zayn walked off into the living room

Zayn's Pov
"hey guy's i need your help to move the bed" i asked all of the guys "yea of course" they all chimed together.I pulled harry aside "Hey mate do you mind keeping you hands off Nioami?" i asked retorically "We'll just see who she likes better we'll let her decided that wont we, mate" he replied with a sly look on his face
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