Find Me And Save Me

18 year old Nioami Ocampa was walking throughout the streets of london when she had sensed something strange...but could zayn malik of one direction help her when shes at her weakest and almost striped of her freedom. but would Zayn tell the guys about this mystery girl or will we want her all for himself?But before he can make that decision he has to find her first. soon realizing if he wanted her there was a condition that came with Nioami ,Zayn would have to win Nioami over but what about Perrie? find out more inside :) leave comment fav and like if u want more i would really like it if you would give me your critism this is my first movella so i'd really appreciate it


10. Questions & Assumptions

Nioami's Pov

"Can i talk to you....alone" i asked Zayn he looked alittle surprised and i could feel Perries eyes burning into me. we walked into ad empty room i don't know whos room it was"I think it's time you tell me about your self before i find out you have a child running around" just then a little baby crawled in "Hey baby lux" Zayn said i eyed him "No no no no this is our hairdressers baby i forgot we had to babysit, HARRY COME GET BABY LUX" then Harry came and took lux nd we continued our conversation."So start" i said

Zayn's Pov

"So start" Nioami told me."Ok. i'm 19 i have 1 older sister and 2 younger sisters i'm muslim i'm in the pop band one direction.I have a girlfriend who's in a band called little mix i'm obsessed with my hair i live with four guys and you and skylar i always say 'Vas Happinin'  i love getting tattos im from bradford i'm also known as the bradford bad boy or vain zayn.....That's about it"

Nioami's Pov

"well that should be all that i need to know for now" i chuckled as we walked back out into the living room once again i felt the burning of Perries glare.She practically dry humped Zayn as soon as we walked back into the room "OI GET A ROOM" louis screamed at them and to everyone shock they left and went upstairs

Zayn's pov

i took Perrie upsairs so i could talk to her "Hey, why have you been acting werid ever since you got here?" i asked Perrie "You're really asking me why i'm acting weird i come over here to hang out with MY boyfriend and a girl answers then door then comes back holding your hand what the HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO THINK" she started screaming at me "She's just my friend why are you making a big deal out of this" "Y-you're right zayn i shouldn't jump to conclusions i should trust you it's just i'm jelous that she get more time with you" as she hugged me "Don't worry perr YOU'RE my girlfriend" i cupped her face and kissed her cheek.But honestly i thnk i have feelings for Nioami, no no no you have a girlfriend Zayn but i couldn't get Nioami out of my mind.

Harry's Pov

since Perrie and Zayn left i decided to take this time to get to know Nioami "So Nioami got a boyfriend?" i saw her blush alittle she was so cute "uh-m no not at the moment" i scooted closer to her "Oh really?" "Stop being such a flirt" Nioami said lightly pushing my shoulder "HAZZA" i heard Louis scream as head jumped ontop of me "yes boobear?" "i missed you" he said while nibbling on a carrot i heard nioami giggle in the cutest way.The Perrie and Zayn walked back down stairs hand in hand i knew he wasnt goin to get Nioami i mean he had a girlfriend for god's sake so he can't sit here and tell me to stay away from Nioami i wouldnt stop till Nioami realized she should be with me time to start.

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