Find Me And Save Me

18 year old Nioami Ocampa was walking throughout the streets of london when she had sensed something strange...but could zayn malik of one direction help her when shes at her weakest and almost striped of her freedom. but would Zayn tell the guys about this mystery girl or will we want her all for himself?But before he can make that decision he has to find her first. soon realizing if he wanted her there was a condition that came with Nioami ,Zayn would have to win Nioami over but what about Perrie? find out more inside :) leave comment fav and like if u want more i would really like it if you would give me your critism this is my first movella so i'd really appreciate it


12. Oh My God

A/N so i havnt been posing latly becase of school.... im lieing i wanna torture u guys make you wonder what happened to harry but i am here today just wanting to know WHY YOU NO LEAVE COMMENTS its what i live for just waking up one day like i wonder if someone commented on my story only to dissapointed but i still love you guys yes you, you 7 forvouriteers yes thats my word u u guys r now favouriteers okay i'm done.

Nioami's Pov

it all happened so fast Harry on the ground me standing  there frozen staring up at my father he found me he was staring down at me "I finally find you Nioami only to see you whoring around again" i opened my mouth to say something when he slapped me right there in the middlde of the mall just adding to the attention we were getting  out of no where my father was punched in the face by Zayn?why was he here? "Nioami!" he ran up to me and wrapped his arms around me he let go of me and helped harry up, his nose was bleeding "You alright mate?" zayn asked handing him tissues whislt tilting his head back everything was interrupted by the flashing of lights paparazzi had been taking pictures the entire time me Zayn and Harry ran out to the car."You can't drive like that mate i'll drive us home" zayn said to harry "what about your car?" i asked still wondering how he found us or followed us "Paul dropped me off" "who's paul?" i asked "our manager/body gaurd" we all hopped into the car question were running through my mind i looked at Zayn then to Harry

Perrie's Pov

I woke up to my phone buzzing i checked it it was twitter. Zayn's Mystery Girl? Zayn's The Night In Shining Armor For This Lucky Girl. It showed a picture of him and Nioami hugging i was furious i looke dat the rest of the photos showing Harry and Nioami kissing i felt alittle better seeing that then one of Zayn punching a man and the man slapping Nioami okay i was officially better see the last picture i giggled to my self . I got dressed and headed over to the boys house.~Knock Knock Knock~


Nioami's Pov

we had finally gotten home from what had seemed like a drive that lasted forever i walked into my room and ofcourse as soon as i layed down someone started knocking on the door. I got up and went to go answer it and with my luck it was Perrie "Well if it isn't little damsle in distress i heard about what happened today at the mall is poor little Nioami hurt " she said pinching my cheek she laughed and pushed her way in and walked up to Zayn's room  "uggh" i said to myself she wasnt the nicest person. i walked back to my room skylar was still asleep what time is it? 9:30am the clock read i layed down and just stared at the ceiling i heard alot of banging and crashing and shaterring of things eaither one of the boys was getting it in really rough or someone was having a fight

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