Find Me And Save Me

18 year old Nioami Ocampa was walking throughout the streets of london when she had sensed something strange...but could zayn malik of one direction help her when shes at her weakest and almost striped of her freedom. but would Zayn tell the guys about this mystery girl or will we want her all for himself?But before he can make that decision he has to find her first. soon realizing if he wanted her there was a condition that came with Nioami ,Zayn would have to win Nioami over but what about Perrie? find out more inside :) leave comment fav and like if u want more i would really like it if you would give me your critism this is my first movella so i'd really appreciate it


4. Nice To Meet You

Zayn's Pov
I woke up fairly early it was 7:30 am so i decided to go get my own breakfast before the lads wake up.I walked the streets of london wondering what i should eat some fans noticed me so i took a few pictures and what not.As i was about to cross the street i looked to my right then to my left when i noticed a girl running it was her the girl from last night i started to run towards her hopeing i would be able to catch up.

Nioami's Pov
i was doing my usuall run i the morning it was nice running in the morning because i felt i could just run aimlessly from my problems the abuse and my father.I decided to start heading home so i quickly turned a corner and i caught a glimpse of a guy who had been running behind me. i thought nothing of it because everyone goes for a run once and a while. i reached my house/flat nd walked inside "i'm home." skylar came up to me and hugged me "welcome back" like she always does and makes it sound like i've been gone for 2 months. father wasnt home he was probably out drinking or gambling somewhere.i decided today was the day skylar and i left i was now 18 and could get custody and i had saved up enough money to get us by i would start packing tonight and call my aunt laura she lived across town i knew she would help me and skylar she always loved seeing me at reunions with my mum.

Zayn's Pov
i followed her soon realizing i wouldnt be catching up to her anytime soon but i saw her go into her house i didn't know for sure it was her but there was only one way to find out. i walked up to the door and knock a little girl aswered the door she looked about 13 14?"yes cani help you?" she said in a soft voice. "uhmm.." shit i didnt even know the girls name "SKYLAR what did i tell you about opening the door" i heard a girl yell who soon popped up next to the little girl who i assumes name is skylar. the older girl shooed skylar away and looked up at me she grew pale when her eyes met me."Hello" i say to her"uhmm..a-a hi?" she said she was nervous i could tell by the way she studdered

Nioami's Pov
"Uhmm..a-a hi?" was all i managed to get out it was the guy who saved me from the pedos."I don't think we properly met last time, I'm Zayn" he said as he held his hand out to me i shook his hand "I uh i'm Nioami" "Nice to meet you nioami"

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