Find Me And Save Me

18 year old Nioami Ocampa was walking throughout the streets of london when she had sensed something strange...but could zayn malik of one direction help her when shes at her weakest and almost striped of her freedom. but would Zayn tell the guys about this mystery girl or will we want her all for himself?But before he can make that decision he has to find her first. soon realizing if he wanted her there was a condition that came with Nioami ,Zayn would have to win Nioami over but what about Perrie? find out more inside :) leave comment fav and like if u want more i would really like it if you would give me your critism this is my first movella so i'd really appreciate it


1. Just The Beginning

I peered my eyes open only then realizing my room that was filled with safe darkness i stared towards the clock 9:30 pm it read. Since I hadnt been out all day i decided it'd be nice to take a stroll through town. I slipped on white shorts and plain black hoodie and continued out whislt grabbing my phone and ear phones.So i'm Nioami Ocampa currently living in London England, 18 years of age Aburn medium long hair with naturally curly hair.I am certainly not the fitest girl but im not, well....fat but i'd like to say pudgy/curvy and im 5'1. Soon mid way through my stroll in town i suddenly realized a van had been following me (the kind full of pedo bears). I started to walk faster until i was practically running when i had fallen into someones arms and there big hands gripped me tighter than i was comfortable with. So terrified I slowly looked up warm tears streaming down my cheeks. The man gripping me was not at all what i had wanted to see.

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