The Earth

Mother,Love,Flora ,fauna


1. The Mother

Mother of all, the eternal earth,Always abundant and ever giving

Impartial to the core taking care of all flora and fauna

The insignificant Insect ,the mighty Elephant, the roaring

Lion and the flying Butterfly all are equal before her loving eyes

Suffering silently the savages committed by the humans

The plunder the pillage the deep and indiscriminate digging

for the ore and oil the mad and methodless destruction of

forests.The pollution of rivers ,lakes and ocean all the mother bears

with unexpressed agony .She offers prayers to the almighty  to put some 

sense in to the mankind for their own sake to be more merciful and 

come out of their tiny window less cocoons of ego and greediness  to

be a part of vast ,beautiful and bountiful ever expanding Universe


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