Irish Boy

The main character Aubrey kept a secret about her relashionship with Niall her whole life..see what happens when the whole world finds out Aubrey is Niall's sister.


1. Me

"Aubrey!" my mom called, I didn't know what she wanted, and I didn't feel much like answering her. "Aubrey!" I heard my mom call a second time, I figured I should answer her, even thought she knew why I wasn't answering. Yesterday the world was told I was Niall Horan's sister, since then I've been receiving mean comments towards me on my twitter...I've tried to not take them seriously, but it's just too hard when you know all of the comments where directed to you. "What" I yelled back in return to my mom, it took a couple minutes for her to answer me, when finally she yelled back "Come downstairs." I hopped Off my bed and ran downstairs where my mom was sitting on the couch Watching T.V. She patted the couch and motioned for me to sit down. "Yesterday afternoon it was announced that Aubrey Horan was related to Niall Horan." the announcer said. Great I thougt, more people will see this and then automatically hate me. My mom looked at me, " I'm sorry" she said placing her hand on my shoulder. I turned to look at the floor, thinking about what other things will be said to me on twitter.
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