This relates to me as my friend decided to cut herself.


1. The Poem.

Depression overwhelms her brain,

The only antidote is searing pain.

I want to feel care and love!

She prays to the floating angels above.

The girl is ignored completely,

But she still hides the ugly scars discreetly,

Thinking they will make her finally become a whole,

They actually leave gaping wounds in her withering soul.

Oblivious, everyday she would run home, hair flying in the air,

To cause self-harm, thinking no one would honestly care.

Like a scarlet gothical fountain her wrist pumps out blood and relief spreads across her face,

As she gets wrapped up in Death's embrace,

She didn't know it would take her life,

Depression and ignorance caused her to use the knife.


Her hair fanned out on the silk pillow,

A space reserved under the Willow,

Her eyes are closed and her skin is white,

She finally gave in to the light.

But the dreaded blade took her future and everything to come,

Her life is gone and her soul is numb.

Everyday she used to suffer in pain,

And even though the hurt is now gone,

These scars created out of silent agony, will always remain.



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