a new life

when Taylor and Sydney move to London they don't expect their lives to be totally turned up side down by their favorite band and become part of their lives.


2. Tomorrow

After the incident with harry and the phones i couldn't stop thinking about what he said "tomorrow" tomorrow what? i didn't have the chance to ask and i spent the rest of the night thinking about it. I woke up and looked at my phone 8:20. i got up and got in the shower. I got out and got dressed putting on some ripped skinny jeans and a white lace shirt and my black vans. i didn't want to wear heals in case someone decided to knock me over again today. i lightly put on some makeup and dried my hair it fell perfectly down my back in curls and i left it that way. when i was done it was only 9:30 so i sat down to watch some t.v. i had just sat down when my phone beeped. i smiled and felt my face go hot as i read the text.it was from harry. From Harry :);  good morning beautiful  :). i replied good morning and then their was a knock at my door i jumped up off the couch to get it hoping it was harry. i flung the door open and my smile faded it was Sydney

"HEY!" i said loudly "come in " she did as i asked and came in and sat down. " i thought we didn't have plans till 11" i asked confused on why she was here " i know i just wanted to come get you and well of course see your place" she said smiling at me. my apartment was a mess from last night my clothes were all over the floor and towels thrown in my room " well here it is its a bit of a mess " i said laughing "it's s fine shall we go i'm starving" " yeah hold on let me just get my bag i will meet you downstairs  i said as i walked to my room to grab my brown shoulder bag off my bed. i went down to see Sydney waiting for me by the door. i walked up and she said " you ready?" " yep lets go". we walked to the cafe and got some lunch. i wasn't sure if i wanted to tell her about harry or not, i thought about it for a minute and then decided not to. we ate lunch and talked about random things.

" so what are you doing today " she asked as she finished her food " um i don't know i might go shopping and you?" i said " well i have a date and i need you to help me find something to wear" she said so fast i could hardly understand her. " with who?!" i asked surprised " his name is josh i meet him yesterday after i left" "okay i will help you" i smiled . " great" she basically leaped over the table to hug me. "meet me at my place at 7 " she said and hugged me and left. i stayed for a while thinking about harry and what he meant by tomorrow when i was interrupted by a beep from my bag. i checked my phone it was from harry. Harry :) ; where are you i have a surprise for you!. To Harry :) ; i am at the cafe down the road what is it :).  Harry :) ; if i told you it wouldn't be a surprise anymore ;). i looked up to see a silver Audi pull up and harry inside. i walked out and got in and he pulled away.

" Harry where are we going?" i asked " somewhere fun " he said excitedly i just laughed because he was acting like a little kid. about five minutes later he pulled up to a carnival and we got out. we went to the ticket booth and he got us bands for rides. " you do like these things don't you?" he asked as he put the band on my wrist " um yeah!!" i said excitedly. he got on the bands and we took off towards the rides. we rode almost everything there and had a blast we decided to take a break for a while and just play games. Harry was playing a racing game while i was watching. i wasn't paying too much attention and didn't know that he had won. when he was done he walked over to me with a giant pink bear in his arms. i laughed as he walked towards me with it. " what? " he asked " oh nothing just the fact that, that thing is almost as big as you" i said. he looked down at the bear and started to laugh. it was getting a little late so we decided to ride the ferris wheel then leave but of course he had to go put the bear in the car.

when we were on the ferris wheel we talked about everything and joked around. When we had gotten to the top it stopped to let people off . i began to freak out trying to hide my fear of heights when harry looked at me " are you okay you seem scared" he asked " oh yeah i'm fine just a little scared of heights that's all" i said smiling up at him. he pulled me close to him and i laid my head on his shoulder. " it is beautiful " he said looking at the sky the sun was setting and the sky was full of reds and oranges." it sure is"  i said looking up. i looked at him with a smile and he leaned toward me our faces just centimeters apart. i could feel his warm breath on my face he leaned in more about to kiss me and my phone beeped." seriously!" i thought to myself. we quickly pulled away from each other and i looked at my phone it was Sydney. Where are you it is almost 7? " shit " i said aloud   " what is it ?" asked Harry we were almost at the bottom now " i forgot i have to be at my friends by 7 and its 6: 30 now" i said frantically " don't worry i will drive you " we quickly got off and headed for the car.

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