a new life

when Taylor and Sydney move to London they don't expect their lives to be totally turned up side down by their favorite band and become part of their lives.


4. movie night.

Harrys P.O.V

i had just finished putting everything on the table when there was a knock on my door. i walked over grabbing my shirt and slipping it on on the way. i swung open the door to see Taylor. " hey " i said motioning for her to come in. " hi " she said a smile forming on her lips. " so what are we doing?" she asked sitting down on the couch. " snacks and movies?" " sounds fun! " she said grabbing some popcorn off the table. i went over to the movies searching the rack when i saw paranormal activity. i don't really like scary movies but i figured it would be fun with someone other than the guys scaring you all the time. " something scary?" i asked as i turned around only to get hit with a  piece of popcorn. " only if i can use you as my pillow " she smiled pulling the blanket off the back of the couch and wrapping it around her." deal " i said putting it in and sitting next to her. " you have a little something in your hair harry " she said reaching up to grab the popcorn she threw at me. " hmm i wonder how that got there?" i said sarcastically looking down at her. " i have no clue either " she said scooting closer to me as the movie began. i couldn't help but laugh at how adorable she was when she was scared. every now and then she would bury her head in my chest then jump and the loud screams causing me to laugh a little. " its not funny harry " she said looking at me with a perfect pout face. " you are right its not funny " i said and she smiled " its hilarious " i continued. " you are so mean!" she said grabbing some popcorn and tossing it at me then messing up my hair. " did you just " " yes i just did" she said as she scooted further from me and just smiled. 

Taylor's P.O.V

i backed away slowly as he reached for the bowl and threw a handful of popcorn at me. " HARRY!! you are making a mess!" i laughed " i am aware of that " he said coming closer to me  grabbing my waist and began tickling me. i tried to squirm away but i couldnt he had a hold of me and i couldn't get out. " Harry s-stop!" i managed to choke out in between laughter " no you messed up the curls " he said laughing at how ticklish i was. " i'm s-sorry p-please stop" i laughed he was slightly on top of me and to my surprise he actually stopped. i looked up to see him smiling at me." what?" i asked a small smile forming on my lips. " nothing " he said lowering his head a bit. i could feel his warm breath on cheek as i lent up closing the gap softly placing my lips to his. he seemed shocked at first but then sped it up a bit tracing his tongue on my bottom lip. i happily obliged and my hands were now tangled in his hair. i heard a ' cough ' from behind us and harry head shot up and he quickly got off me and sat up. " i see i'm interrupting something" a brown haired boy said. i sat up on the couch turning to see who it was. " no not at all  what do you want" harry said picking popcorn off him i couldn't help but laugh . he just smiled then look back to his friend " well i tried calling but you didn't answer so i wanted to make sure you were okay " he said with attitude and pout. " well i'm fine Lou " harry laughed. and he just smiled. " hi i'm Taylor " i said making it a bit less awkward. " hi Taylor i'm Louis " he said smiling. " well harry i guess i will let you and Taylor get back to what you were doing" he said smiling and walking out. when he left i laughed looking at harry. he was covered in popcorn and looked like a scared kid. " what?" he asked brushing some popcorn off him. " you are covered in food " i laughed scooting closer and picking it out of his hair and off his shirt. " so are you " he laughed picking it out of my bun. " thanks " i said smiling " now are we going to actually finish a movie?" i asked " of course " he said hopping up to get another movie." how about love actually?" he asked turning around. " i LOVE  that movie" i said pulling the blanket out from under me and covering up with it. he put in the movie and turned off the lights coming back to sit next to me. he sat down and i layed my head on his chest he laced his arm around my waist pulling me closer to him. i don't remember the last part i saw before i was asleep to the calm sound of his breathing. 


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