a new life

when Taylor and Sydney move to London they don't expect their lives to be totally turned up side down by their favorite band and become part of their lives.


3. late

i got to Sydney's late but she didn't stay mad long. i told her everything while i got her ready for her date. she seemed very surprised at first but then screamed with excitement after a few seconds. it didn't take long to get her ready. she was wearing a light pink dress with a pair of nude heals. her blonde hair was lightly curled and a light amount of make up. we talked until 8 when he pulled up and she was ready to go. she left with a quick good bye. i stood in the doorway for a minute shocked. i grabbed the spare key and locked the door putting it back under the pot before heading down the street to my apartment.

i was about half way back when when i heard a familiar voice behind me yell " HEY DO YOU NEED A RIDE?" i turned around to see harry. i guess i didn't notice the lights from his car. i laughed and got in. " thanks" i said as we pulled up to the building and got out " no problem " he said flashing me a smile. we walked inside and got in the elevator. when the doors opened i started to get out but i felt a hand grab my wrist pulling me back and spinning around. " did i forget something " i said sarcastically " no i just wanted to ask you what you were doing tomorrow?" he asked letting go of my wrist. " actually nothing ... why?" i asked "well my friend is having a party tomorrow and i thought maybe you would wanna come?" he said nervously looking around. " yeah sure what time?" " one" he said now calm "well then ill see you at one then". with that i smiled and turned to walk to my place. when i got to the door i was greeted by the giant pink bear harry had won at the carnival. i picked it up dropping something in the process. i bent down to get it and it was a card i put the bear down opening it up

Taylor, i hope you had a wonderful day. 

Oh and you left this in my car :)

Harry xx

i smiled picking up the bear and going in.  i walked in and went straight to the shower picking up all the clothes and towels on the way. i took my time but when i was about half way done when i heard my phone go off. i quickly finished up and saw that i had a text. it was from harry. Harry :) Hey you want to come over? i stared at the message for a minute until i felt a cold rush of air over my body and realized i hadn't grabbed my towel. i dried off quickly putting on a pair of black shorts and a pink tank before texting back. To Harry :) yeah sure be there soon :). i slightly dried my hair and threw it up in a bun. on my way out i slipped on my teddy bear slippers and headed up to harrys for who knows what.  


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