a new life

when Taylor and Sydney move to London they don't expect their lives to be totally turned up side down by their favorite band and become part of their lives.


1. accidents happen

It had been about a week since i moved to London and i had not once see who lived around me. i was tolled that they were usually not here but i thought i would run into them at least once by now. it had been a boring day of doing nothing so i decided to get dressed and go meet up with Sydney. i hopped into the shower and got dressed putting on a light green pair of shorts and a white top with my baby blue vans. i lightly did my makeup and called Sydney.

'Hey Tay i was just about to call and see if you wanted to hang out" she said when she answered " yeah sure when and where?" i asked "now and the cafe down the road" 'okay see you in a few" i hung up and headed down to meet her. she lived only a few minutes away and flew over when i did. I walked in and scanned the cafe looking for her."over here!" she said loudly. i walked over and sat down. we talked for a wile before ordering. i got a smoothie while she got food. that girl would eat anything you put in-front of her and was always hungry. " so any cute guys" she asked in between bites " no i have been to busy getting my place organized " i answered shyly knowing that she would want to get me out more. "you are not serious are you! we need to get you out more show you off to the world!" she exclaimed " Sydney i can find someone on my own i don't need help trust me" i said looking at her with a smile " and what about you have you got your eye on someone?" " well no exactly " she said looking down at her now empty plate. " well maybe i should take you out and show you off to the world " i said mockingly she just laughed.

we were at the cafe for a few more minutes before i had to go. i said goodbye and hugged her asking if we could meet up again tomorrow she said yes and i left. i was about a block from my place when a guy came running down the road behind me. i guess he didn't notice i me because one second i was standing the next i was on the ground my white shirt now pink from my smoothie and the strange guy on top of me. " i am so sorry ' he said as he pulled me up and began to run to my building pulling me with him. " uh what is going on?" i asked sternly pulling my wrist from his grip  " oh.... im sorry didn't really have much time to explain" he said turning towards me his green eyes sparking in the dull light of the building. " so who are you?" i asked " my name is harry " he said seeming surprised but yet relived " and you?" " I'm Taylor nice to meet you harry, and if you don't mind i am going to go put on a clean shirt " i said heading towards the elevator " yeah me to " he said looking down at his shirt that was also a sticky pink " sorry " i said laughing. he followed me to the elevator and got in " you live here to?" i asked confused " yes i am the one renting this place out to people " he said  smiling " oh " i said. the elevator beeped and the doors opened on my floor. " if you ever need anything i am just above you " he said before the doors closed. i walked into my apartment pulling my sticky clothes off and getting in the shower to get cleaned up. i got out and put on some over sized sweats and a tank. i dried my hair and it fell in perfect black curls down my back. i sat on the couch looking for my phone. " i must have dropped it when harry knocked me over " i thought. i looked at the table to see a phone but it wasn't mine. " great " i said aloud as i got up to get it.

i sent myself a text " hey harry i think you have my phone " i started to walk out when his phone beeped it was from him " uh i guess i do :) " i walked out to the elevator and went to his floor. there was three rooms and i took a guess on which was his by the loud music coming from one. i was just about to knock on the door when it flew open " oh hi " harry said " i was just coming to give you this" i held out the phone and he smiled at me and then took it handing me back mine. he looked so hot standing in front of me his tamed curly hair was now wet and everywhere and his green eyes had turned a dark emerald. i had to hold myself back from jumping on him. " well i better go " i said finally. he smiled " oh of course ". i turned to walk away when i heard him say " tomorrow"... 

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