The Dark-Lands

Hiweurf is a young elf in the world know as the Dark-Lands, where neither of the two suns have been seen for hundreds of years. And now Hiweurf is going to bring them back.


1. Running


As Hiweurf felt his feet blister and ache beneath him, he realised he couldn’t run forever. His chest was tight and he could feel each and every breath struggling to leave his lungs. He leaned against a nearby tree and stared through the darkness. The white bark of the thin, wild trees seemed to glow in the air around them. Hiweurf was used to the darkness, as was every other living thing in the world. For the two suns that were supposed to cast light on the surface of the world had disappeared a long time ago. This world was known as the Dark-Lands.

Like the rest of his tribe, Hiweurf was an Elf. This meant like most Elves, he was very tall and slender. He had dark blue hair that was tied in a small pony-tail at the back of his head. In the Dark-lands, nearly everyone under the age of 50 had icy pale skin because of the permanent lack of sunlight. The only races who were accepted from this were the trolls, fire-nymphs, and dwarves.

The sound of a nearby twig snapping caused Hiweurf to jump and beginning running again.  As he dodged between trees, he couldn't help thinking about the whole, unjust reason he was running in the first place;

It had been a completely normally beginning of the day. Hiweurf had started the day by having a shower and taking his younger siblings for a run. As he dropped them off at school, one of the teachers had pulled him aside; “How old are you again Hiweurf?” she had asked him quietly. She had looked at him as if she almost wanted him to lie with his answer. “18 ma’am” Hiweurf replied truthfully. This particular teacher had taught him during his days at school, she should have known this. “Then I think the elders will want to talk to you...” she mumbled with a slight choke in her voice. Hiweurf had looked at her, for she looked as if she were about to burst into tears; “Is everything okay?” He had asked her gently, putting a hand tentatively on her shoulder. “Just remember you were a great student Hiweurf. Now go and see the elders like a good boy”.

He had remembered that he was a good student. And he had gone to see the elders like a ‘good boy’.

“Hiweurf Fairoi?” they had asked him as he walked into the Elder’s room. Hiweurf had noticed almost immediately how each of them had the same look of disappointment on his or her face. “Please confirm your identity.” The oldest had asked him sternly. He had long white hair scraped back off of his aged face. “Yes, I am Hiweurf Fairoi.” Hiweurf responded hesitantly. What was this all about? “And you are 18 years of age?” the elder asked with an icy edge to his tone, Hiweurf nodded and managed a “Yes” before there was a scream of pain from outside.

He had spun around at the sound of the scream, but the door was blocked by a particularly tall elder. “What are you doing? Get out of the way!” Hiweurf had shouted, trying to get past the elder in order to help whoever had screamed. “So chivalrous. Such a shame you were born when you were...” Hiweurf had stared at the elder. What had he meant? There was another scream. This time it sounded male. “What’s happening out there?!” Hiweurf had shouted desperately at the elders, turning around to face the oldest. “Quite simple really. Our greatest minds have deduced that in order for the Gods to return our suns, we must sacrifice a generation. And yours is the said generation.”

“So you’re just going to wipe out every 18 year old elf?” he had asked, completely dumfounded by the unfairness. “Yes. Now please play your role in the service and line up out back.”

What had happened next was all a blur. He could only remember running. And now that was all he could do. Run.

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