The Dark-Lands

Hiweurf is a young elf in the world know as the Dark-Lands, where neither of the two suns have been seen for hundreds of years. And now Hiweurf is going to bring them back.


2. More Threats


As Hiweurf ran, a tribe of Blood-Elves were putting into action their own plan to resurrect the suns. “Tell me my lord, which tribe shall we target next?” one of the warriors asked their tribe leader as they sat around a campfire that illuminated the pale skinned and red haired Blood-elves. “We have taken one dwarf, one troll, and one of our own?” the aged Leader replied in a voice similar to that of leaves crunching beneath ones feet. The warrior nodded, passing the leader a thin pipe full of smouldering tobacco leaves. “Then we are left with but two options. We take a nymph, or an Elf.”

As the Blood-Elves plotted an ambush, two of their teenage tribe members where wandering through the tents in search for something to do. These two blood-elves were the Wirab twins, Izlevu and Laif. They were completely identical except for the 1 inch of height that separated them. “Hey Laif, do you smell that?” Izlevu asked his brother quietly, as they prowled between tents and forest. “Yeah...” Laif replied, his red eyes gleaming in the darkness. “Smells like Elf blood.”

At this point Hiweurf froze. The only thing between him and the Blood-elves was a birch tree. “Didn’t the elders need an elf?” Laif asked his brother quietly, taking deep sniffs of the air and grinning with sharp teeth. “Yeah you’re right, it’s for the Sun Sacrifice right?” Izlevu answered his brother with the same twisted grin. Hiweurf held his breath as he listened to the footsteps fade away. He’d just run away from one sacrifice, and now he was being hunted for another?

“Irlagi!” Laif and Izlevu shouted at the chief warrior in unisen. Irlagi turned around and glared at the double image. “Have I been drinking too much or are there two of them?” He asked the tribe leader, who was surrounded in a cloud of thick white smoke. “You’re fine. Irlagi, meet the Wirab twins. Two of our finest trackers.” Irlagi smirked and sat back in a more comfortable position as the twins sat in front of him. “We found something you’re going to want...” they mocked, tapping their noses and smirking. Irlagi chuckled and prompted them on; “Then either give it to me or run back to mummy boys. I don’t have any time for games”. Laif smiled with his pointed teeth and nudging his brother in the ribs. “Well, my charming brother here happened to smell something as we took our annual stroll around the tents.” Izlevu began, standing up and circling Irlagi much like a salesmen selling the greatest story of all time.

“And then, my brother dearest asked me the following question” Laif joined in, standing beside his brother and putting his arm around the identical neck. “What do you smell my perfect copy?” Izlevu finished, adding in his line before allowing Laif to continue the narrative with an air of great pride and slight pompousness; “And so I said in reply to this beautiful question; I smell the blood of an Elvin youth.”

“What?” Irlagi interrupted, sitting up straight and dropping his drink. The twins smirked at each other and looked straight into the terracotta eyes of the Warrior. “Listen kids, if you’re being serious in some freakish way, then show me where that elf is. If not, then I hope you enjoyed your short little lives.”

The twins shared a quick glance, before looping their arms under Irlagi’s, and pulling him to where they had smelt Hiweurf. But Hiweurf wasn’t there. Well, if you had stumbled onto a gang of Blood-elves and caught their attention, would you have stayed?

“Such a shame you being promising and all...” Irlagi sighed, taking out his knife with a click that turned both twin’s blood to ice. “But... He was here! Right Laif?!” Izlevu asked his brother in a panic, taking a step away from Irlagi. “Yes! I swear I smelt Elf!” Laif confirmed, shouting at his brother in fright. “Then go find him. And don’t come back until you have him!” Irlagi bellowed at the boys. And with that, he kicked them both into the forest with great force. “Oh, and if I see you again without the elf, I’ll kill you.” He added, just confirming the twin’s worst fears.

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