The Dark-Lands

Hiweurf is a young elf in the world know as the Dark-Lands, where neither of the two suns have been seen for hundreds of years. And now Hiweurf is going to bring them back.


3. Alliance


Hiweurf looked down with his breath held. He was sat at the top of the tree with which the Blood-elf twins were now leaning against. “This is entirely your fault Laif.” Izlevu accused his brother, his voice laced with a bitter tone. “If you were joking about smelling an Elf, you should have told me!” Laif stared blankly at his brother. Izlevu was the shorter twin, and seemed to always blame Laif when anything went wrong. “I wasn’t joking Izlevu. But maybe we should have found the Elf before you ran off to tell Irlagi.” Izlevu frowned as his brother finished talking. Why did Laif always blame him when their plans went wrong?

“Stop.” Laif announced, holding his brother down as Izlevu arose to stoke the fire; “I smell it again...” Izlevu froze as his brother continued to inhale deeply. “Are you sure?” he asked Laif quietly, barely raising his voice to a whisper. Hiweurf was struggling to think of a manner of escape. Every circumstance ended with his death. Then it struck him; the one way out.

“Good-waking gentlemen” he called, jumping down from his perch and landing in front of the twins. Almost immediately, they attempted to jump him, luckily Hiweurf was faster and more focussed. He withdrew his swords and pointed one at each of the identical throats. “I have a proposition for you two... charming individuals...”

The twins exchanged looks before Laif grinned with his sharp pointed teeth; “And what is this proposition?” he asked Hiweurf, elbowing as his brother began to protest.
“Well, it occurs to me that we are all ousted from our clans. And so, we are all in need of companionship and ensured safety against the elements,”
“No, WE have companionship, it is you who is alone.” Izlevu butted in. But Laif covered his brother’s mouth and allowed Hiweurf to continue; “Well yes, but two isn’t really an acceptable number for survival now is it? You both look intelligent enough to know how important a third member is during emergency and battle.”
“True, so what are you proposing?” Laif inquired
“I’m proposing you join me in my own quest to save the suns.” The twins looked at each other.
“Hell no-“ Izlevu began, unsheathing his dagger before Laif pushed him aside and took over the conversation. “Sure, but we get half of whatever wealth is gained.”
“Deal.” Hiweurf agreed, shaking the pale hand of his new friend as Izlevu scowled at the partnership. “I’m Laif, this is my brother Izlevu.” Laif began the introduction, forcing his brother’s hand into Hiweurf’s.

“I’m Hiweurf, and I am very glad you have chosen to accept my offer.”

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