Wolf princess

Kara is a canis lupus, In Romanian that means grey wolf. basically she is a were wolf and she belongs to the american pack, as their princess. when prince of the Romanian pack, Fane, comes to stay across the road from her the last thing he thought would happen was that he would find his mate. Will they get together or will Kara's pack forbid them from becoming true mates.


7. surprise

Kara's P.O.V

I didn't speak throughout the plane ride, I just stared out the window. Fane kept giving me worried glances, I knew he must have felt guilty because he thought I was only there because my father gave me an Alpha command but that wasn't it. I wanted to go, my only worry was that Rick would hurt my friends or family because I had gone. When we landed I still didn't speak, I just stared in awe at the beauty of Romania. We headed up into the mountains, it looked like a sight out of a romance movie. When we reached the pack mansion I got out the car and immediately walked over to Fane, I tucked my arm in his and rested my head against his shoulder. 

"This place is beautiful Fane, thank you for bringing me here." I whispered.

"I'm glad you like it Luna, I hope you will be happy here."

"I already am, I just miss my friends and family but as long as I'm with you, I'll be happy." I said. Fane cupped my cheek in his palm and bent forward to touch his lips to mine in a gentle gesture. He took my hand and led me into the mansion, a group of people stood in there, all seeming to focus on one man. 

"Father!" Fane called over, you could hear the happiness in his voice as he walked over to meet the man whom held everyone's attention. The man turned around and gave Fane an affectionate hug, Fane said something and everyone looked over at me. I walked over slowly before Fane took my hand again and pulled me the rest of the way over.

"Hello, you must be Kara. I am Vasille, Fane's father and Alpha." The older man introduced himself. I gingerly took his hand in my own and shook it. Fane wrapped an arm around my waist and was grinning from ear to ear; obviously finding this first meeting with his father amusing. I shot him a glare and was about to ask him what was so funny when I heard a crash outside. I ran to the door and was actually shocked at what I saw, Ellie was standing chest to chest with a very large wolf and Molly was sitting in a car that had been thoroughly crashed into a tree. Everyone looked fine and by Ellie's defensive stance, I was guessing she was the one to crash the car. 

"It's not my fault, if you hadn't started arguing with me, I wouldn't have lost control and this wouldn't have happened." Ellie was arguing with the glowering wolf. The wolf looked like he was going to say something but then Ellie and Molly caught sight of me, smiled widely and both shouted.


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