Wolf princess

Kara is a canis lupus, In Romanian that means grey wolf. basically she is a were wolf and she belongs to the american pack, as their princess. when prince of the Romanian pack, Fane, comes to stay across the road from her the last thing he thought would happen was that he would find his mate. Will they get together or will Kara's pack forbid them from becoming true mates.


11. Nope, i'm your daughter

Kara's P.O.V

Damn I though my father was scary when he was angry, turns out Ellie could make even a powerful alpha turn around and run with his tail between his legs. No one spoke, I think they were all too afraid of my best friend to even try. Whilst everyone watched the seventeen year old nervously, I noticed how tenderly she was holding Decebel's head in her lap, how loving her gaze was as she stared down at him. The double doors opened and she whipped her head around, only her eyes lost that lovingness, now she looked hostile and very dangerous. Alrick walked in and he seemed wary of her, who could blame him? Even I was wary of her and I knew she would never hurt me.

"April?" Alrick asked slowly and I gave a startled jerk. He thought Ellie was her mother? He had to know that the girl in front of him was his daughter, unless he didn't know he had one...

"Elliana?" Decebel groaned as his eyes fluttered open. His eyes seemed so dull and dazed, Ellie looked back at him and smiled down at him.

"Aww, did the big bad wolf get beaten up?" She teased him but it wasn't with her natural deviousness, she just looked like a young girl scared for a boy that she cared for. Decebel growled at her.

"Wouldn't have happened if I wasn't protecting you." He teased back with a smile. I wondered how they had gotten from arguing to teasing in such a short time but I wasn't about to question it. Decebel looked so tired, so beaten down and though I had only known him a short time, I knew that that was a rare thing.

"Wouldn't have happened if your prince hadn't touched my mate." Alrick growled and Ellie looked back to him, rage burned so bright in her eyes it was almost blinding.

"You listen and you listen good white fang, I have no clue who you are but I have never seen you before, so you can take that mate crap and stick it up your-" Ellie began but was interrupted by Vasile.

"What do you mean your mate? Ellie isn't even canis lupus." My new alpha reasoned and I flinched. Of course he wouldn't know what Ellie was, ever since the night I found out I hadn't breathed a word to anyone and I knew Fane hadn't. Alrick looked shocked and I could tell it was from hearing Ellie's name, of course he wasn't aware of who she was, if she didn't even know he had a daughter. Decebel tried to get up but Ellie kept him down, never taking her eyes of her father.

"Her name is April, not Ellie." Alrick said as he narrowed his eyes at Fane's father. "And she is mine." He growled the last part, his eyes glowing the same kind of gold as Ellie's. Ellie widened her eyes at the use of her mother's name. My best friend shook her head slowly.

"No, my name is Ellie. Elliana Alexa Cory Avashkov to be precise." She said, drawing her father's attention. People froze, well some at least. 

"You're not April? You're not my mate?" He asked in a whisper as he stared at the girl who looked just like her mother, just like the woman he claimed to be his mate.

"Nope, but I'm guessing from, what you are saying, that I'm your daughter."

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